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Thunderbirds Walkthrough or help?

Please help I just cannot seem to complete the bank raid one. I get the bullion up to floor 6 but dont know what to do after that.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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After the Submarine in mission two surfaces, small fragments of a certain
type of limpet mine are found embedded in the hull. The Thunderbirds must find
out who planted it. The only problem is that the records of the company which
made this mine are in the vault of the Bank of England. Lady Penelope and
Parker must get into the Bank of England and retrieve the document from the
- More (Y)/N/NS?
main vault. They only have a limited amount of time before the Bank opens.
start at the back of the Bank and are immediately confronted by a guard.
You must get the document, but you must not get caught or run out of time.
Lady Penelope would not like prison food so be careful.

Your characters are:


The objects you can take are:

Clockwork mouse
'Snoozy' sleep spray
Iron bar


The lift is a heavy problem.
- More (Y)/N/NS?
I hope it helps you.
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Can i ask where u got that from? The rest of that would be most helpful. Im past the bit with the heavy lift.
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Found it in my Gamebase Amiga Intructions folder, but there are no more infos about Mission 3.
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well this might be of some help



Mission 1: ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games-maps/t/ThunderbirdsMission1-MineRescue.png
Mission 2: ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games-maps/t/ThunderbirdsMission2-SubCrash.png
Mission 3: ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games-maps/t/ThunderbirdsMission3-BankJob.png
Mission 4: ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games-maps/t/ThunderbirdsMission4-EvilHood.png

Complete Solution

LEVEL ONE The Mine Rescue

Give Brains the torch and the laser cutter. Give Alan the lantern and the grease gun. Start with Brains. R,U,R,R. Drop the laser cutter and get the spanner. L all the way, get the hammer and drop the torch. R,U,U,U,U. Use the hammer next to the bucket lift. L. Drop the hammer. D,D,D,L. Get the torch. R,U,U,U,R. Go up to the top in the lift. R. Use the spanner next to the pump. Drop the spanner. L. Go down two floors in the lift and get the plunger. Go up to the top again. R,R,U,U,U,U,L,L,D. Drop the plunger. Retrace your steps back to the fuse- wire and return to where you left the plunger. Drop the torch. Get the plunger. With both the fuse and plunger, walk into the rock with the dynamite in it. You will blow it up. Drop everything. L,L,D,L, L. Stand by the miners. Swop to Alan. D,D,D,R. Get the ladder and drop the grease gun. R. Use the ladder next to the hole. L. Get the grease gun. R,R,R,R,R,R, D,D, R, D, D, L,D,D,L,L. Use the grease gun next to the mine cart. R and get the pneumatic drill. L all the way and walk into the lift. D,R. Drop the lantern. D. Get the compressor cable. U,R,R. Use it next to the compressor machine and walk up to the door. Use the pneumatic drill. R,R. Congratulations, all you need to do now is return Brains to the Mole.

Password for Level Two - RECOVERY.

LEVEL TWO The Sub Rescue

Give Alan the radiation pills and an aqualung. Give Gordon the 'Shark-away' spray and an aqualung. Start with Alan. Use the radiation pills. Swop to Gordon. L,D,R,R,R. Drop the 'Shark-away' spray. Get the radiation pills and use them. Get the spray. L,L,L,L, L,L,D, R,R,D,D,R,R,R. Get the yellow card. L,L,L,U. Swop to Alan. L,U. Walk up to the captain and get the blue card. D,D,L,L,L,D. Go all the way left, opening all the doors, then all the way right doing the same. Pull the middle lever, L, pull the middle lever and watch the water drain. Swop to Gordon. R all the way, opening all the doors, then L doing the same. To get past the hole, first fall down it and then go up again keeping Left pressed. When all the doors are open, pull the three middle levers to drain the final level. Then go back U,L,L,U,R,R,R,R,R,R,R,R, D,R,R. Stand by the right- hand console. Swop to Alan and bring him to the console room as well, standing him by the other console. Then use the blue card. Swop quickly to Gordon and use the yellow card. Now return to TB4.

Password for Level Three - ALOYSIUS.


Give Parker the clockwork mouse and the iron bar. Give Lady Penelope the 'Sleep- spray' and the dynamite. Swop to Lady Penelope. Walk to the guard with the 'Sleep-spray' and send him to sleep. U,R,R. Enter the lift. R. Swop to Parker and join him with Lady Penelope. Drop the iron bar. Use Lady Penelope to open and search the drawer, with Parker standing near her until he finds the key. Take them both. L,D,R,D,R and stand them both in front of the lift. Enter the lift. Swop to Parker and push the gold trolley into the lift by standing to the left of it and pressing Right. Both enter the lift. D,D. Swop to Penelope. L. Drop the 'Sleep- spray'. Get the key. R. Enter the lift. D,D,D. Swop to Parker. L. Use the mouse to hit the switch in the bottom left-hand corner and turn off the laser. Swop to Lady Penelope. L,L,D,D. Wait at the top of the ladder until the robot guard passes from left to right. L,L,L,L,U,U,U. Use the dynamite next to the safe. D and wait on the ladder until you think the dynamite has blown up (this takes roughly ten seconds). U. Get the key. Swop to Parker. L,D,D, using the same trick to get past the guard. L,L,L,L,D,D,D,D,D,L. Get the key. R,U,U. Wait by the six levers. Swop to Penelope. D. Wait at the top of the ladder until the guard arrives. Follow him to the right until the ladder which goes up. Go up it and wait at the top of the screen until the guard passes from right to left. Descend the ladder. R,D,D,D and wait by the six levers. (You'll have to work out how to set the levers - Eddy's forgotten to put them in.) Take both players into the vault. Stand by the cupboards and use the keys.

Password for Level Four - ANDERSON.

LEVEL FOUR Countdown To Terror

Give Virgil the shades and the gun. Give Scott the other shades and the super-glue. You start with Scott. Drop the shades next to the piano in Joe's Cafe. U. Get the key. D. Use the key behind the piano to unlock it. U,L. Pull the left-hand lamp to reveal the sheet of music. R,D. Wait behind the piano. Swop to Virgil. L,L. Wait behind the piano and swop back to Scott. Use the sheet music and, before you start travelling down, pick up the shades. When in the complex, R and use the glue. L,L,L,L. Get the limpet mine. R,R,R,R,R,R,D,R. Swop to Virgil. Bring him to the force field. Use the gun until three control globes are destroyed. R. Drop the gun. U,R,R,R,D,L, D,R,D,L,D,R . Pull the lever. Go up to the top of the silo and enter the control room. Pull the lever and get the film. L,L. Swop to Scott. R,U,R,R, U,R,U,L,U,R. Use the mine next to the hole in the missile.
(Ed Daines in Your Sinclair issue 52 , Page 36) 4823

All these info I got from http://www.the-tipshop.co.uk/cgi-bin...ainments%20Ltd
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Dizzy to the rescue, once again.
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Thanks soo much for that I can now see where I am going wrong
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I am at the vault now.
But I canĀ“t figure out the right sequence for the levers.

Anybody know the right sequence or how to look in to the source code to find it?

Best regards
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