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Latest Amiga TOSEC

I have so far managed to get up to date with the latest amiga updates, but I am struggling to find these missing cues files and 1 ISO.
Could anyone please tell me where to find the missing files or post the files to the zone please, I am willing to help anyone out with any missing files.

(Tosec CDTV Games)

Loom (1990)(Lucasfilm)(DE)[manual protection][F-9002] [folder: Loom (1990)(Lucasfilm)(DE)[manual protection][F-9002] - size: 324mb]
missing rom: Loom (1990)(Lucasfilm)(DE)[manual protection][F-9002].cue [size: 284] [CRC32: c933ea15] [MD5: 8089d2976ff1f2832b6f989e1e3f8a74] [SHA1: f2029ecf828c0beea03b6a9087a8b3c3143b982e]

(Tosec Amiga CD Games)

Cedric (1996)(NEO)(de-en)[!][Amiga-CD32] [folder: Cedric (1996)(NEO)(de-en)[!][Amiga-CD32] - size: 5mb]
missing rom: Cedric (1996)(NEO)(de-en)[!][Amiga-CD32].cue [size: 129] [CRC32: 72f4223e] [MD5: 9dd356ce2baaa8dab1f190a2b39c73b0] [SHA1: 7ac1be613007b3ce723b5a4140e635bbd1970541]

Civilization (1994)(Acid Software)(de-en)[!] [folder: Civilization (1994)(Acid Software)(de-en)[!] - size: 14mb]
missing rom: Civilization (1994)(Acid Software)(de-en)[!].cue [size: 133] [CRC32: d48026e7] [MD5: a664f25ef81c88c0bec606e6acb28358] [SHA1: ff5937209397667d3b0d4403c56c55783ad4506c]

Flyin' High v1.0 (1997)(APC&TCP)(de-en)[!] [folder: Flyin' High v1.0 (1997)(APC&TCP)(de-en)[!] - size: 75mb]
missing rom: Flyin' High v1.0 (1997)(APC&TCP)(de-en)[!].cue [size: 131] [CRC32: 6457d6e3] [MD5: 666f1cdd0fd4fefc834b3bb7ec6afb9e] [SHA1: a9e873cf03423bff8da632b100e71e41b4cbacde]

Moonbases (1999)(ALIVE)(de-en)[!][CD-R] [folder: Moonbases (1999)(ALIVE)(de-en)[!][CD-R] - size: 26mb]
missing rom: Moonbases (1999)(ALIVE)(de-en)[!][CD-R].cue [size: 128] [CRC32: 234f7c53] [MD5: fbb7965ecd6da2c9eef639d6aa6d665b] [SHA1: 57a7ca833e73ea134a06df37f80449e07db61ccb]

Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)[MDC4894 IFPI V500] [folder: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)[MDC4894 IFPI V500] - size: 702mb]
missing set: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)[MDC4894 IFPI V500]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 01 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].iso [size: 210701568] [CRC32: 7a579cea] [MD5: 1dec27289ca71e46eea0d0d45b86fb4a] [SHA1: 862a0012fa27b63ad19e8722b89a7090b5ebf0c1]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 02 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 39083228] [CRC32: 329cc465] [MD5: 513b5aabe6873a0315170cdc28b16dd6] [SHA1: bc9d508ddb321806f650e9deb48f6b3e9a052f48]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 03 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 43615532] [CRC32: aeb2ca80] [MD5: be368de7ea6fc02bce64a385b21ccf1c] [SHA1: a1e8b8fb684a710ccce48b20df54094e69f5e8b4]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 04 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 32450588] [CRC32: 977a1f5e] [MD5: fa74f3f7474dc64f57913737afd64466] [SHA1: dae3d6b7b81bdc4725bff74d49a9c5f8eeba5918]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 05 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 57532316] [CRC32: 080bff05] [MD5: 31e94a2f6dbcc42351e883002dbaa044] [SHA1: 2230ce914b033c50b577bce3af2ea58da8a09fd8]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 06 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 21012812] [CRC32: d84591c1] [MD5: 9c325a1720baefd310845b11659464de] [SHA1: ee610c261b86224b9fcf855c70a56f49c6d86a9d]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 07 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 47381084] [CRC32: ed9e82a2] [MD5: 4f02a0bfd63b45a0fa667a3fa8a97b5d] [SHA1: 4eed2d02c3e41e8bb6a2eda452967a21836aeac5]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 08 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 43822508] [CRC32: 6f6778bd] [MD5: a1108cbaa13c2aa6f08d826b91efe9ba] [SHA1: aa29601db20651a755cb667284c6822b843809f9]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 09 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 16188860] [CRC32: cd1b2d7b] [MD5: 8044b7b4be9957ff294c1a3495660e2a] [SHA1: 2046199f437215df9c69aa5ff0ee437f6ca1b100]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 10 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 19404044] [CRC32: 11f62f51] [MD5: 6c541df8c3f744d30fe0938daac6c157] [SHA1: 467ad4309dfe351773ea359c6faf6648642a4903]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 11 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 19810940] [CRC32: 69cf4326] [MD5: ed9a0d689442b509b9db2ce72a686114] [SHA1: 692c503490867b512c31521c1b3777a1e75c0561]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 12 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 18557324] [CRC32: fa0c8c87] [MD5: 227ec6cda0ef62b26618f579d2b8454e] [SHA1: e9d60068d6cedc3dcdb5fb5014acb1888897e033]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 13 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 18096332] [CRC32: 867f642b] [MD5: 4dba35e8a2a0e3462045b5d59819eb72] [SHA1: 926972989c912c11ac50d1e9faa9e6790f05b50a]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 14 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 18900716] [CRC32: 033d3635] [MD5: f263d2121ba5594fa12c69b1d33f2a78] [SHA1: cef488e4290ce6d47206a83794a85d053696683a]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 15 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 24009260] [CRC32: 69397b46] [MD5: ce1dc71888f8ccd01859ccf42185d0e5] [SHA1: 369b836ce51d449bd169f0c2eed783e6a4a24392]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 16 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 18557324] [CRC32: 01624c1c] [MD5: 4fd883b02b90447ecc129286a65e7ff6] [SHA1: b81b10853c2e633a5fd3cf8c098be9fd19c77820]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 17 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 14201420] [CRC32: a5651471] [MD5: f46cdc2f68ea560bed0ccc8c68474e2f] [SHA1: f69ef6566044842bad4fd9ba4cd75c1977afb79d]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 18 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 21445580] [CRC32: 88e0bf44] [MD5: 9e1af947cf8fc8f8322d2256b9166088] [SHA1: 7f1b3486f63530a54cf4f0751679ee81727b7676]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 19 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 26587052] [CRC32: c7cabacc] [MD5: 5d85c4ca5f682bd48ba00b4f5a26e506] [SHA1: b7de27b337451d22e0c657c28a70ce48e9275624]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 20 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 13140668] [CRC32: 2509d7ff] [MD5: 3730ffb76e5e1e05e39519bd2e1ac109] [SHA1: 44e5bb60fc602a75cdedd74dfb74fd7dd0c15802]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)(Track 21 of 21)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].wav [size: 11889404] [CRC32: 2dc68ba6] [MD5: 35420bde7be5159de662af8d109d1193] [SHA1: eed5b70ea9fe81154db7a07b36e3e4a49544181d]
missing rom: Napalm (1999)(clickBOOM)[MDC4894 IFPI V500].cue [size: 2506] [CRC32: 9939613b] [MD5: 5016d3bc430dc2daf5f497b449be4c51] [SHA1: b62bab9bcde1e613c7b5e1ce67c53ef4e6cc99e9]
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Lemon Curry ?

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You can find the cue files in the TOSEC dat pack.

Your missing ISO is on the way to my /uploads/retroplay folder.

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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
You can find the cue files in the TOSEC dat pack.

Your missing ISO is on the way to my /uploads/retroplay folder.
Ah many thanks for that, fixed all cues now ;-)
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I've never known such a good community as this for helping people :-) Many thanks again!
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Many thanks Retroplay my Games are complete now ;-)
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