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Save/load game in Simon The Sorcerer CD32

How do I save games in this game?

I can save/load game when playing it, but it's just a temporary save as it seems to save to the ram/memory. When I have saved, I can load the game and it works fine, but when I restart WinUAE, the savegame is gone. This was from emulating the CD with DaemonTools.

I have also tried to install the game onto my harddrive to see if it wanted to save there, but it's the same problem, only a temporary save which is removed when restarting WinUAE.

I put the game in a RAD disk so I didn't need any harddrive or CD emulation and therefore could quickload/quicksave. That works but when running the game from RAD or a harddrive, there's no speech in the game. I can only get the speech when running from the CD. (the cd has only one track which is data... incase you would think the speech is on tracks. All files needed are on the CD)

Any suggestions?
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Did you specify a NVRAM file in your WinUAE config?
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Yes, you need the nvram.nvr file.

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Ahh, thanks. Was looking for something like that but didn't find it.

I just typed a name in the 'Flash RAM file' and it created that file.... works perfectly. So no need for any special file as it creates it.

Time for another longplay...
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