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Old 25 November 2004, 22:46   #1
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Release the Workbench/Kickstart!

It is time that the Amiga name owners release the workbench/Kickstart! This machine has been released before 20 years! It is so ridiculous! Reminds me of Micor$oft policy. If the kickstart/Workbench will be released, there will be a chance for Amiga to survive! Do you imagine if anybody would create a "distribution"package like AIAB, make a zip file of it and spread it everywhere? Now that would be interesting!
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"It is now the end of 2001"
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Old 26 November 2004, 00:37   #3
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i think it's ok to ask, but i don't agree on the fact that not release it is ridiculous, why a creator should make his creation free in first instance?
secondly, this particular creation, kickstart/workbench it is mechanically needed to use, and then enjoy, stuff that it is still not at all free, like many games and utilities. like for exemple Cloanto stuff: Cloanto owners have bought the right to use Kickstart and Workbench and their programs sells are tied to people need for that.
not only this, but also in general why should one loose their rights' income while a third part (like games productors) gets money for its intellectual property use?
let's see Toni Wilen and Winuae for instance: he chosed to have Winuae free but who would really criticize him if he had not?
apart of that you cannot put the Amiga trademark conception (20 years ago) on the same level of the last Kickstart and Workbench (circa 1992), but this just as invite not to generalize.
A lot of people offers his free time and great work for the enjoyment of amiga ideas, like owners and mantainers of this board, creators of whdload installs etc, they have a return of fun (maybe) and popularity on the scene (again maybe), somene, money, like the whdload creator: these are choices based on their personal judgement on the proprtion of the work done. they keep anyway the amiga "alive" today; i don't think that the release that you suggest would make hardware half dead around the planet to reborn.
my token anyway, as like i've said, it's ok to ask.
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Old 26 November 2004, 00:42   #4
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This is not going to happen. If I were a businessman and had the rights to those I would never give them away. I'd rather try to market OS4 and claim it is the contiunation from previous versions, keeping them all.
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And Cloanto doesn't really charge that much.
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Old 26 November 2004, 03:23   #6
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At least release the A1000 kickstart disks, not that its going to happen.
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Old 26 November 2004, 11:39   #7
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If the kickstart/Workbench will be released, there will be a chance for Amiga to survive!
What a load of rubbish. How will releasing it save the Amiga? It wont.

Both "kickstartroms" and Workbench adf's are freely (if not legally) available on the internet. Nostalgic people who want to use UAE are not "held back" too much from doing so.

The only way to "save" the Amiga is to pump money back in. By releasing kickstart / workbench you are REMOVING one (albeit small) source of income from the Amiga development community.

Just MHO.
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Online petitons are beyond useless.
This guy had a pretty good rant about them.
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