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Naming conventions for Commodore ADFs

Not sure if this has been suggested before or how realistic this would be to implement but here's the idea:

Commodore produced a lot of different disks over the years: Workbench disks, application disks, driver disks, developer disks, etc. With current TOSEC standards, It's difficult to keep track of the various versions of each, particularly when the variations can be very subtle. (Think of all the variants and sub-versions of 1.3 and the pre-2.04 versions of 2.x.) All those [a] labels aren't very helpful.

Commodore had a way of keeping track, though: their own internal part numbers. For example, my WB1.3.3 disk has part number 317746-04 on the label. It's a much more distinct identifier than plain version numbers.

It would be great to see the part numbers incorporated into ADF filenames for the various disks floating around, both for the disks out in the wild and for the ever-growing archive of Commodore material curated by Cloanto as part of Amiga Forever. Right now this seems to be the exception rather than the norm.
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I have done exactly that when ripping Workbench disks, and making multiple rips so that unmodified originals can be identified. MrDolby has also catalogued all the part numbers and revisions.
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@ idrougge

I noticed a few uploads from you as the exception - thanks for making the effort! And for the pointer to MrDolby's work

(Link for cross-reference)

I hope we can extend that effort for other Commodore disks (e.g., AmigaVision, A2091 drivers, Janus, TextCraft, AmigaLOGO, etc.)
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