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2.3.3 Generic Problems and Help about WHDLoad....

Hi boys... i'm new here but i have found this good forum from Google and after i have found so many solution i have decided to register here to ask some information about my dubs and my problems!

I'm begin to use WinUAE some years ago........ but from one week ago i have chose to tray to use the WHDLoad.

I have upgraded my version of Winuae to latest official 2.3.3 after that i have obtain this:
- A copy of kickstart 1.3 (for amiga500) and 3.1 (for amiga4000 and 1200)
- A copy of workbench 1.3 (original from my old Amiga500 floppy)
- A copy of complete set (6 floppy) of workbench 3.1

After that i have try so many times to install WHDLoad.... first time:
- Configure WinUAE similar to amiga4000
- Create a HDF file about 100Megs and mounted to HD0
- Load on DF0 the "Install 3.1" Floppy of workbench 3.1
- Start Emulator
- Format the DH0 from workbench
- Install complete workbench 3.1 on DH0

After the emulator restart i obtain the Workbench installed on my WinUAE amiga4000..... oh yeah.. at this poin i have try anything to install WHDLoad:
- i have Installed LHA
- Extracted the .lha of Whdload 1.7 and copy all file to C:

But nothig... Whdload never working!! I obtain many error like :
- ..unable to load you tool "xxxx" (when xxx it's usually whdload or installer or install etc etc.)

After so many tries i have found only the Classic Workbench here:
I have downloaded and installed this version for UAE!
After first start i need to put every disk of my Workbench 3.1!! After again restart of Winuae my Workbench 3.1 it's ready to use!!
Oh yeah!! WHDLoad it's already installed!! I need only to get a installer lha script and so many .adf to play my favorite games from hd!! Oh yeah.. it's so more easy.. but it's no true :

For example i have all 11 floppy of "Monkey Island 2" in Italian version.... i have downloaded this installer:
Extracted and execute from WinUAE... i have put all my 11 floppy and after some minutes the installation it's finished!
At this point i have try to start the games... but it's no working!!!
I obtain for ever games i tryed the same error after 5 or 10 second of games started.... a windows says:
- illegal instruction at $202
and below.. Quit..Restart button.

I have try to many games i have... like:
- Secret Of Monkey Island 1 ITA
- Kick Off 2
- Player Manager
- Indiana Jones Last Crusade ITA

And i obtain the same error on every games i try to install....

Ok... i thinks it's wrong some time in my procedure... after many games i try i have found a site of "Killer Gorillas"... from here it's possible to download full archived of preinstalled games.
I have downloaded some title i have try to install some minutes ago.... working without problems!!

But because when i try to install all games manually with all games i obtain the error "Illegal instruction" ?!?!?!?

Other question:
If i want to not use the ClassicWB tools (it's about 1GB of space on my HD) how i can use and correctly install WHDLoad and Workbench 3.1 on a newest HDF File ??
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Have you download skick from Aminet, you need the the RTB and PAT files and you must copy the RTB,PAT and kickstart Files with the right names to devs/kickstarts to your Installed WB3.1.
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mmmmmmmmm.. ok i need i can try next time

You think to use ClassicWB it's a right solution or not ?

Because some games i try to install not working and i obtain the error return code ?
And Because if i download the same games from killergorilla this backup working and my installation not (if i load the my ADF on Amiga500 configuration working without problems) ?
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Graham Humphrey
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If you find that the pre-installed games work and your manual installations don't, it's probably because the disks you are installing from aren't supported (most cracked versions won't work properly for instance, although some do).
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ah... it's all clearly....
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