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Mechforce HQ

Hello, i am pretty new to the amiga emulator thingy. I have found a file on amine : http://aminet.net/package/game/misc/MF_HQ0.54 and simply have no clue to make it work on Winuae. I got a kickstart a workbench and so on but no idea how to make it work. Can anyone try to make it run. Maybe it isn´t functioning at all.

Best regards,

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What is your issue exactly?

If it is how to use the lha archive, here is a simple way:
Start Winuae and the Workbench. Once there, simply drag and drop the .lha archive to the Winuae window (if you are not in windowed, go to the options with F12, display tab -> Settings -> native -> windowed).

Then the archive will be mounted as a drive. You may be able to start the program from there. If possible, you should copy the content (don't forget to do a "show all files" before) to an emulated hard disk folder.

There are some requirements for the program to work, so be sure that your configuration meets them:
To run MechForceHQ on your machine you need at least Kickstart 2.04 (V37.175)
and 512kB of memory. If you want to start MechForce out of MechForceHQ you
should have about 1.5MB free memory available. In addition you must have
installed the ReqTools.library V38+ in your LIBS: directory, the needed
MechHQ/8 font in your FONTS: directory and the PAL-Monitor driver must be

There is no special installation needed. Just create a new drawer and unarchive
all files to this drawer. The subdirectory structure will be created thereby.
If you was using MechForce before, you may unarchive all files to your old
MechForce directory.
from MechForceHQ.doc

I could not run the program as it is displayed a "could not setup my display" message when I tried to run it. Probably because I was missing the Pal-monitor driver.

I can take a look tonight if by then you have not managed to make it run on your configuration.
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right now i am at work. Once i am home i will take a look what the exact errormessage was. But i think i got the same error as you when i tried starting the game from the workbench.
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MF_HQ is not a game. It is an editor for the game files.

It needs reqtools.library and the font which is contained in the archive.
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Indeed. It worked fine for me after copying the fonts (I already had reqtools):
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Thanks alot..the lib and the font solved my problem...

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