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crowd funding for HUGE collection

We have found a very huge collection, which seems to be bigger then the BS1 collection, we have to buy it, ship it, and ship it to different persons who will image the whole collection, total it will be around 600 to 700 Euro (mostly shipping costs), now i hope you all understand that this is alot of money for me, so i wanna know how many of you are willing to donate to get this collection into the scene with a crowd funding..???? let's be honest, if 100 people spent 5 or 10 euros we can get this collection ready for imaging. I didn't set up anything right now, I just want to know if this idea is something to pay for it, of course it is too much to do this on my own but together we maybe manage it to get it out into the scene.

all other ideas are welcome, maybe someone driving across Europe can help with transport so we do not have all the shipping costs.

just curious how other amiga lovers look at this project
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What does it comprise of? is it worth it.. I mean.. would the scene already have a percentage of it already?
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Count me in.
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Where is it?
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Old 19 March 2020, 04:12   #5
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Your not going to raise that much money on your say so. You need pictures, better descriptions of what's there, etc...
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Indeed, more info would be needed
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Old 21 March 2020, 15:59   #7
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i can support but we need more info...
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Old 21 March 2020, 18:36   #8
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oke, lets start again, because i see now i started this thread wrong. My idea is to make some kinda saving account for all of you who can buy collections. For example there WAS a collection for sale on Facebook from a guy in Belgium. the Photo he showed where not the only disks he had, he had plenty more, contacting him and heard he sold everything for 500 Euro (and i don't know to who). Too bad this collection never ended into our scene, i'll think every new intro is a new intro, don't expect never releases games, because most of them are already out there, also i see many times on e-bay great collections worth buying and imaging, but sometimes the guy who's bidding don't have the money to get it. So for example the collection on the Photo which is from Belgian, we ALL buy it, find someone to pick it up, and from there we gonna see when and how much disks we will send out to guys that can image them. Just an Idea that someone on EAB has a kinda buffer, to buy some very interesting collection...That is the Idea i have, but didn't ex-plane enough, too many collections get lost if a non scener buy's it

Click image for larger version

Name:	disks.jpg
Views:	97
Size:	78.0 KB
ID:	66527

and i saw may other collections go away from us......the e-bay collection someone from here bid on with 10.000+ disks recently........and don't get it......

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