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Did play SCR in arcade hall and when it was released for the Amiga, was just left "sur le cul"
Never played it muti-player.

Lotus is an usual arcade/driving game.
Turns to a really cool game when it came to multi-player mode...

Not the best duel so far...
ok, I vote for SCR.
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GTA Online is the true Stunt Car Racer successor:

[ Show youtube player ]
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Stunt Car Racer, no contest.
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SCR, easily. Much more to learn and master. Very satisfying once you do.
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They are quite different of course. I didn't much like Lotus 2 coming from loving the first game and Stunt Car Racer is without equal so this would be an easy decision for me

quick tip: run SCR in NTSC with about the speed of a standard A1200 and you'll notice a more authentic feel from the physics- and I don't just mean it goes faster

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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
quick tip: run SCR in NTSC ...
You mean run Stunt Track Racer then! ;-)
(Not sure why they felt the need to rename it for us over here...)
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Originally Posted by malko View Post
Did play SCR in arcade hall [...]
It seems my memory has played tricks on me... Oops.
I wanted to play the SCR arcade version again.... but I can't find any reference to it.
Apologies mates...

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Lotus 2 but SCR was really good.
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Poll is up, Stunt Car Racer is the winner with 33 votes to Lotus 2's 25!
Thanks to all who took part in this edition, the October edition will be up on my youtube channel "Zeusdaz" where you can vote on it if you wish (ZX Spectrum edition this month).
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