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Question 1x4 Zip RAM

I got the A3000 the other day and it's nice but it needs more RAM I found that of course it uses the older Zip style ram package but the A3000 allows for up to 16MB of it. Software Hut has them for $5.00 US each, a google search only found them and another Amiga Dealer that doesn't even list the price. So does anyone else know of any place to get these from, in the US or Canada only please!
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I found these sources of zip ram in a google search:

Chips for Less 1-800-820-6009

T.T.I. Technologies 1-800-541-1943

Microprocessors Unlimited 1-918-267-4961

Mountain International 1-541-347-4450
For Mountain Int’l - ask for Model # GR-Zip 2
(this contains all 4 DRAM needed.)

There are a few alternatives to zip ram, though:

(1) buy an accelerator board that takes 72 or 30 pin ram (worthwhile if you want more speed than you have at present)

(2) buy a DKB 3128 ram board (expensive for a simple 72 pin ram board, even 2ndhand)

(3) buy a Z3 Fastlane SCSI controller (will work as a simple 30 pin ram board and you get a nice fast DMA SCSI controller with a minor modification; not so attractive if you can't get the SCSI controller part to work, though)

(4) a ZIP to simm adaptor, like the SIMMfonie, AmiFast A3000, or generic ones (they will allow you to add cheap 72 pin ram, but they're hard to find)

(5) make a zip to simm adaptor (see http://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/aminetbin/find?A3000+PS%2F2)

Also, just for some general info. on the A3000, check out Calum Tsang's A3000 hardware guide:



this webpage about the A3000 (http://www.casema.net/~kroone/3000/)

The A3000 is a great machine except for a couple of things, namely, the useless desktop case that you can't fit much into and the motherboard taking zip ram. C= sure did some strange things. Good luck with it all!
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Thanks for the info Shadowen, I guess my google search was too specific, I used 1 x 4 zip ram as the search criteria
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