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Help with Kickstart 1.3


I bought a Kickstart 1.3 chip to be able to run my Amiga 600 with it. I didn't really understand until I booted it up that the internal IDE is not supported by the KS1.3 ROM

But google tells me that it's possible to patch the KS1.3 with the IDE device from a newer kickstart and then burn a new ROM.

I don't have the possibility to do this myself, so I wonder if someone here could help me out on this. I would be so happy!!
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If you want to have IDE available under KS1.3 while still short of burning skill/support, I'd recommend getting that patched scsi.device and BIND onto a floppy disk. You might be able to boot off that floppy and thus mount your IDE HW. Of course, real modified KS1.3 is way better/elegant solution, but this should be feasible with stuff you have already set in place.
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Wouldn't it be better to insert back the A600 original Kickstart ROM and then boot the 1.3 Kickstart from floppy (softkick)?
There was a floppy disk which could do it (it also included KS 1.3) but I don't remember its name now...
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Yes, to boot it with softkick is easy. But then I lose memory, and I do want to use the harddrive aswell.
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You could grab one of these from Amigakit and use both your roms:


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Thanks for the advice, but what I really wanna do is to install my harddrive with Workbench 1.3 and fool around. And for that, the ide-device needs to be in Kickstart 1.3 ROM I'm afraid. And sure, booting the driver from floppy is good, but it would be nice not having to boot from floppy aswell
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