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Error 219 with WHDload games


Not sure if this is the right place - apologies if it's not. I'm having a bit of trouble with WHDLoad and FS-UAE - certain AGA games won't work.

I've installed the ClassicWB environment, as per the instructions here: https://fs-uae.net/installing-classicwb-in-fs-uae, and am using the WHDload game packs from WHDownloader. Almost all of them seem to work fine, but a certain minority of games threw up a DOS-Error 205, saying that "devs:kickstart/kick40068.a1200" wasn't present.

I took one of the 3.1 a1200 kickstart roms from the Amiga Forever package (I have tried it with amiga-os-3x0-a1200.rom, and amiga-os-310-a1200.rom) and renamed it as per the above, and put it in the system/devs/kickstart folder. Now whenever I try to run one of the problematic games, it throws up 'DOS-Error 219 (seek failure) on reading "devs:kickstart/kick40068.a1200"'.

Any idea what the problem is? Am I renaming the right kickstart roms? Any help would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks.
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Cloanto ROMs are encrypted.
check whdload doc, the names are different for cloanto roms.


And (quoting doc) additionally the rom.key must be copied to Devs:Kickstarts (else whdload cannot decrypt the roms)
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Old 03 January 2017, 21:04   #3
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Thanks - I hadn't seen that before. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have made a difference - I put the stated kickstart file into the devs/kickstart folder, renamed it to the exact name given, and put the rom.key file in the folder as well. I get the same error message - Error 219, seek failure.
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You don't mention which games give you problems. In any case, did you read this part of the docs?!

Starting WHDLoad version 16.5 also the kickstart images from the Cloanto Amiga Forever CDs may be used. The images must be renamed according the table below. Additionally the rom.key must be copied to Devs:Kickstarts/ or WHDCOMMON:. Some older installs require a kick40068.A1200 image these installs won't work with the Cloantos ROMs.
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Yeah, the games I'm having issues with as D/Generation, Pinball Illusions/Prelude, Super Skidmarks, and Speedball 2. And that bit of the doc is helpful, it seems to be pretty clear that I'll need different ROMs, not the Amiga Forever ones. I'll have a look for some - many thanks.
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I'm having this exact issue with Barbarian from Palace.

I even got the skick346.lha and renamed the PAT files to be correct and renamed the rtb files to match (except for the file extension).

Kind of ran out of options trying to get this to work. Anyone have any success?

Same deal, ClassicWB. I read someplace (perhaps this very topic) that rom.key is needed in the devs kickstarts drawer. How do I get that legit? do I simply rename my real Amigas kick.rom file? I'm not following.

EDIT: In WinUAE. Do I just put my kick.rom file (From my A500) in the devs drawer?
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...yup, and who says buying Amiga Forever so you get the "legal" / "legit" .ROM files from Cloanto is a good thing

Damn leeches...

I really hope that they pay Toni friggin' well for using WinUAE in their shite package?!? Positive that they don't though...

Without this, it's absolutely useless and they wouldn't actually have anything to sell

Anyone can use the required .ROMs from their real Amigas (and if you don't have the technical abilities to extract them; Google is the answer)

None of this modified / encrypted BS that causes countless issues
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Old 18 June 2017, 02:56   #8
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I tried using my Amiga's kick.rom file. It didn't work, even after I renamed it just for the hell of it. But I found the answer in another thread. Google wasn't of much help but searching the forums did the trick. Problem is, it runs way too fast. I had to grab an adf that worked to enjoy this all over again. That is to say, get killed over and over again.

I use both AF and WinUAE - for different things and tests and stuff. I have to say, I've been using WinUAE so much lately, that I'm going to hit the donate button after I return from vacation.
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Old 18 June 2017, 03:07   #9
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Ok, I've been using WinUAE over 12+ years now and it's awesome. Toni is da man and supports issues / every release + beta 24/7.

Tell me why you need actually need Amiga Forever in any form??? Does Cloanto support it's users 24/7; nope x 100...

It requires WinUAE to actually function... Get rid of the middle man and your Amiga life will be much simpler / greatly enhanced

Back on topic; sent you a PM in order to get you out of this mess
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Old 18 June 2017, 03:12   #10
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Yes, Barbarian Palace WHDLoad runs too fast. There are Mantis bug reports. Really needs a patch update.


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EDIT : indeed barbarian 2 is running a bit too fast....

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