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Capture card to record Amiga recommendations


I've run into a snag with my 'new' Elgato Game Capture HD, my Scart to HDMI adapter is fantastic, it works great and very happy with it.

However when I set it to output 800x600, the Elgato will not pick up the input from HDMI until I set the Scart->HDMI adapter to either 720p or 1080p then it works. But then the picture is all stretched on screen.

At a pinch I can play games like this, but when editing Deluxe Paint pixel art it's causing quite a lot of problems as it's hard to judge proportions. I checked if my monitor could force a 4:3 aspect but nope.

I can record via composite but the quality is quite poor and for pixel art videos clarity is quite important!

So two questions:

1. Is there a way of getting SVideo from the Amiga 600? I've seen this https://www.retro-cloud.eu/shop/hard...v=79cba1185463 but I don't have the skills to fit it

2. Is there a capture card out there that is Mac compatible that can record from HDMI, and also analogue inputs but over the HDMI will accept an incoming say 800x600 resolution?

It's such a shame as everything I have now (my PS2, SNES, NES and Amiga as well as Mac all work perfect in this little setup except for capture.)

I have been converting the 16:9 videos to 4:3 using handbrake but for editing pixel art, it's so hard as I am often drawing characters a bit too narrow as I am overcompensating the very large stretch!

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