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Highlighting Zones

I'm looking for a way to high light text zones when the mouse is moved over it and then un-highlight it when the mouse moves off it. (Like how a hyper text link will change color when you move the mouse over it in a browser)
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Like this ?

PHP Code:
Screen Open 0,640,200,16,lowres Flash Off 
Reserve Zone 10
(10,4) : Rem Link(x,0)=state/not used   x,1=x x,2=y x,3=x1 x,4=y1      

Reserve Zone 11

Double Buffer 
Bob Update Off 
Autoback 0

rem setting up zone

For X=1 To 10
$="Text Zone"+Str$(X)
LINK(X,3)=LINK(X,1)+(Len(TXT$)*8) : Rem 8 means font width 
(X,4)=LINK(X,2)+Rem 9 here is font height 8 1  

   Set Zone X
,LINK(X,1),LINK(X,2)-9 To LINK(X,3),LINK(X,4)-Rem -9 here adjust to how the text x,y,txtis rendered on y 

Next X

rem main loop
=X Mouse
=Y Mouse
=Mouse Zone
   Ink 2
   Text 10
,9,"Zone Under cursor="+Str$(M)

rem draw text:
X=1 To 10
      Ink 2
If M=X Then Ink 4   rem if mouse is under zonedraw the text in red, else white will be drawn 
      Text LINK
   Screen Swap 
Wait Vbl 
Until Mouse Key
For a bit faster version, without double buffering, add rem in front of :

PHP Code:
Double Buffer 
Bob Update Off 
Autoback 0


and change
PHP Code:
Text 0,9,"Zone Under cursor="+Str$(M

PHP Code:
Text 0,9,"Zone Under cursor="+Str$(M)+"  " 

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Yes! Thanks. :-)
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