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ThoR's MMULib question

Is THoR's MMULib Workbench version specific, or, will it work on both 3.1 and 3.9?

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OK, I have a question about it then. I was using it with 3.1, and then installed a fresh 3.9 installation on another drive. 3.9 booted up reasonably quickly enough, but, after installing the mmulib on 3.9, the 2000 resets itself like 4-5 times during the boot process. I turned ECHO ON in the startup sequence to see what was going on, and the reboots occur at the setpatch stage. Each time it loads a set of modules, it resets, then, loads up another set the next go around, until it finally verifies all the modules are loaded, and brings up WB.
It did not do this with 3.1. Is this normal? It takes about 45 seconds now for the 040 equipped A2000 to boot now, since adding the MMUlibs.
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You should read the documentation, it spells out in detail how to avoid multiple reboots
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Of course several reboots are not normal. OS3.1 and OS3.9 are very different. E.g. SetPatch, on 3.1 it can`t load modules or reset but 3.9 can. Just compare the command template. Like kolla already mentioned read the docs, it explains nearly everything. MMULib installation is different on 3.1 and 3.9. If you can`t get it working ask again or contact thor. You maybe also have a look at the new LoadModule what can help avoid reboots.
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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
You should read the documentation, it spells out in detail how to avoid multiple reboots
Where in the documentation? I couldn't find it.

Are you using SetPatch V44.38 on your 3.1 partition? If not, make a backup of your current SYS:C/SetPatch and copy this newer SetPatch to your 3.1 partition. AmigaOS 3.9 installs some reset surviving code and patches which AmigaOS 3.1 and the older SetPatch may not like. This can be tested by powering off your computer (or holding the three finger reset salute for about 20 seconds) and booting off the AmigaOS 3.1 partition. If there is no slow down, then this is your problem and SetPatch V44.38 may fix it.
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