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Tool to convert asm to gnu asm (gas)

I'm looking for some tool which can convert asm source to gnu asm. Mean about some tool (Amiga/PC) which transfer for example

move #33,D0 --> move #33,%D0
clr.l -(sp) --> clrl %sp@-

and so on.
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The two types of syntax are sometimes referred to as Motorola and MIT. So you could google something like: mit motorola syntax convert

Doing that brought up mention of a "mit2mot" program which is probably the same one as at http://ftp.back2roots.org/geekgadget...cc/mit2mot.lha. But that converts from Motorola to MIT syntax, not MIT to Motorola. This comp.sys.amiga.programmer thread from 1995 mentions a mot2mit tool, but I couldn't find that yet.

Update: Found it! mot2mit and mit2mot executables are in http://ftp.fi.netbsd.org/pub/amiga/g...cc263-base.lha

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Originally Posted by Asman View Post
I'm looking for some tool which can convert asm source to gnu asm.
Why would you want to do that to your sources? There are free and portable cross assemblers which understand the original syntax.
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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Why would you want to do that to your sources?
Because they want to use gnu asm for something
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Toni Wilen
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I think you only need d0 -> %d0 conversion. At least gcc (used in aros m68k) supports both syntax in addressing modes, for example clr.l -(%sp) does work.
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Cross-assembling this:
            movem.l a2-a3/a6,-(sp)

            move.l  4*4(sp),a3
            move.l  5*4(sp),a0
            lea   	6*4(sp),a1
            lea.l   stuffChar(pc),a2
            move.l  _SysBase,a6
            jsr     _LVORawDoFmt(a6)

            movem.l (sp)+,a2/a3/a6
with this:
m68k-amigaos-as -version
GNU assembler 2.14

works fine.
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You might try the MRI compatibility mode. Also using a good editor to replace the items via the regex replace function would be a good idea.
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