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Trying to install a differnent files system on GVP 2060

I tried last night to install as MS dos file system on a 1.2 scsi drive that I had laying around. however the drive does not get mounted unless I use FFS or OFS on the drive. I can't even get SFS to work on it. Is this a problem with tekscsi2.device? Is there a replacement? Is there a workaround?
I currently boot from a buddha IDE drive and the SCSI drive is only a secondary drive that I am trying to set up for the bridgeboard. There is software to allow janus to see an amiga hard drive partition as the bridgeboards, but you need to install a MS dos file system on the partition to do it.

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Toni Wilen
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I'd expect GVP to not have this kind of boot rom bugs but we'll see.. Some old boot roms only load filesystems if they are single hunk (like fastfilesystem) and/or if dos type is exactly DOS<anything here>.

Quick test: Download PFS3 AIO from Aminet, install it normally but set dostype to DOSS (0x444f5353). Does it work now?

What does "version full tekscsi2.device" output?
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Yup, there is a bug in the tekscsi2.device that only allows FFS to be installed in the RDB. There is a patch on Doobrey's page, you'll have to patch the EPROM and re-burn it.


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Old 08 March 2013, 02:00   #4
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How easy is it to burn a new Eprom. I don't have a burner. Are they Cheap? Are they easy to use?
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I wouldn't recommend buying one just to burn one rom. Quite a few of us on here have one, if you can't find someone more local to do the job, I'd be more than happy to do it for you.
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I don't know of anyone around here or for that matter anyone that does have one. How much would it cost for you to burn a rom for me and ship it 1/2 way around the world?
Thanks for your reply.
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With an Eprom burner can you read an eprom as well as write?
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