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A600 mouse partially working

As some of you may already know, i'm working on an A600 laptop. I have used a Cocolino with a PS2 touchpad and it used to work great about a week ago. Today i have finally assembled the whole beast, and went for ignition. Although the computer started, i had a dead touchpad. Thus, i tried using a classic mouse. What i got was vertical movement and both mouse buttons working. To double-cross the fatcs i even tested the other two Amiga mice i had, getting the same results. Which means it isn't a faulty mouse. Next, i went measuring the mouse port with a multimeter, and found pins 4 and 8 to be shorted! Supposedly, this has something to do with my problem. What i really want to know, is: if a CIA is burnt, would the mouse do even half its functions? (all i'm missing is horizontal) Is it logical for the pad not to work at all? And finally, if i can't manage to find a solution, would i be able to handle the 600 by using the keyboard and install the OS? I was thinking of getting advantage of the Subway's USB ports to plug a modern mouse, but that doesn't work from startup at least.. Any suggestions? It is rather difficult for me to disassemble everything to get to the rear part of the mobo at the moment! By the way, here's a link to the nearly-finished thingy..
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Have you checked the pins for any breaks in the mouse port? use a pair of tweezers and gently see if any of the pins move (slide in and out). This is a common problem if mice/joysticks are always being pulled or inserted into the ports.

It could be a start before suspecting the chips etc... you might need to wiggle the connection and see if it responds... just a suggestion
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Thanks for the suggestion PowerPie5000, the port pins were intact (physically speaking).
Luckily, it was not a chip though! As suspected, a short in the port-extension cable was present and i had to desolder and re-solder. All is well now folks! Gotta get this beast completed tonight!
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