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Apidya HD - 2020 Game Trailer

[ Show youtube player ]
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Incredible graphics. I hope it will come out for VR. I see that they also added new stages.
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This cat is no more
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thanks for wasting my time
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If i didn’t think it was so funny i’d say it deserves a permanently ban for damaging what is one of the best Amiga titles out there.
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Going to be brutal here. What a load go shit
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Bad, Bad Ransom !!! ( how could you troll us like this ? )

It felt like this (and i was on the left side)
[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 10 August 2020, 09:55   #7
cheeky scoundrel

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"Troll" is a big word, it says "parody trailers" even before you click play
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I want to see the Defender of the Crown and Sensible Soccer 2020 Pandemic Edition Remake editions! After that, get to Alien Breed VR 2020!
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Old 11 August 2020, 12:33   #9
My elbow tastes of icky

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Those standard enemies have so few frames of animation they look dead. Must be a work in progress. I have to say though, that boss looks very realistic.
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New IronGate game?
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Old 11 August 2020, 20:55   #11
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Now that I use Vortex, will it support modding?

Just a little question - there is Amiga game with bee?!

This look like good candidate for Off Topic...
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Ha ha, you got me. Nicely played.

I want to play Apidya again now.
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Old 15 August 2020, 21:22   #13
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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Just a little question - there is Amiga game with bee?!

Apidya is IMHO the best Amiga shooter. It gets Gradius-style gameplay down right in a way most euro-shmups didn't.

The Amiga hardware really couldn't do good 90's shooters but Apidya captures very well the best of late-80's shooters (even though it was in the 90's).

e.g. Apidya was released in the same year as Thunder Force IV. The Amiga could not pull something like that off but Apidya tries pretty valiantly.

(And of course Batsugun would come out a year later as the genre progressed into the danmaku genre)

I'm convinced that if Apidya had been released in Japanese arcades (with the cutscenes redrawn with better art) it would've been well-remembered, with people not realizing it came from a German developer.
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Old 16 August 2020, 11:34   #14
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I probably agree, although there are so many horizontal shooters I'd have to replay them all to be sure... It's colorful, fast, lots of unique stages and bosses, varied and often large enemies, epic music, decent sound effects, telltale gloomy Amiga intro sequence...
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