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How to retrieve the copper pointer - for all Amigas?


In order to make a proper exit from a demo/game I would like to set all registers back to the old values. Registers such as INTENA and DMACON are easy to fix since they have these values stored in they read-only versions of the registers.

But, for the copper pointer (COP1LC) it's different. There is no read-only register version.

In this article https://www.reaktor.com/blog/crash-c...y-programming/ there is a way of retrieving the copper pointer. This way seems to work fine on an A500. By using the debugger in WinUAE I can see that I get the correct values for the old copper pointer:

	move.l	4.w,a6
	moveq	#0,d0
	lea.l	GFXNAME,a1
	jsr	-552(a6)
	move.l	d0,a6
	move.l	38(a6),d0
	dc.b	'graphics.library',0

But this method does not seem to work on an A1200? I guess the reason is that the value 38 which is used as offset for the graphics base address is only valid for A500.

So I wonder if there is a way of retrieving the old copper pointer - regardless of the Amiga version? I've tried checking the standard functions from the grahics.library but without success....
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If a6 is gfx library pointer, and a5 is $dff000

move.l	gb_copinit(a6),cop1lch(a5)	;Startup copper adr
gb_copinit Is the 38 from your code above. It should work fine on all amigas (does for me).

All the code on that article are using full addresses for custom registers instead of the usual offsets so be wary of failing into the trap of mixing up cop1lch and cop1lch(ax)

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Thanks! It's seems to work fine on both A500 and A1200 now!

I've used the WinUAE debugger and see that I get the correct values for the cop1lc! Nice!
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