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By which time you might as well have just bought a picopsu or clone: https://www.mini-box.com/picoPSU-160-XT

I wonder how much ripple actually affects an A500. Many people use meanwell and cisco replacements with no issues.

It wouldn't surprise me if Commodore just picked some ideal specs out of thin air to send to their PSU manufacturers or to just publish in their manuals.
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Although ripple is a problem, I don't think it is a big deal with solid state power supplies. With switch mode supplies on the other hand this is a huge deal on sensetive equiptment. If this is the case with Amigas, I don't know and I don't really care because I don't suffer instability issues.

But to be fair with Jens it sounded that he was concerned with instabilities with future (and maybe present) accelerator boards and expansions. Might be a real case at specific frequencies on boards and their EMI (electromagnetic interference)?
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I really liked his presentation. Finally we got some data instead of assumptions and hearsay.

Jens' biggest problem is hotplugging USB devices on the Rapidroad. Sudden changes in current consumption usually lead to PSUs compensating the associated voltage changes which might result in over- or undershoot.

But... to be honest, that has never been a problem in the past, even with a CDROM and a CD-Burner spinning up at the same time and a harddisk used as a buffer. No crashes, no hickups, and most importantly no components dying on the mainboard or on any connected expansion boards.

Compare that to the cheapest of the shittiest Chinese USB Controller PCI cards. You can plug und unplug stuff all day long and that thing just works. I personally doubt you can even measure the slightest voltage change on the card in the PCI slot next to it.

Still, hats off to Jens for the research and the presentation. IMHO it was the most useful talk from this year's Revision.

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Originally Posted by Mathesar View Post
I think that the stories about bad electrolytics are often overrated. I still use them quite a lot in the circuits I design.
A lot depends on the manufacturer and how the caps are used in the circuit.
Stick with the likes of Rubycon, Panasonic, etc. Keep the ripple current low and keep them cool and they will work forever.
Yes and no. Good electrolytic caps from that era can last for decades when stored right and when not abused electrically. Sometimes though there's a microscopic flaw in the case that causes the electrolyte to leak slowly over years that simply couldn't have shown up in QA testing.

That said, caps seem to be a race to the bottom these days. I think the bad Chinese cap debacle of the 2000s set a new lower baseline for how bad a cap can be and as a result even quality brand caps aren't as good as they used to be.
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