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Is my Amiga CD32 original PSU stable in 2020?

Just a question to be sure.

My Amiga CD32 works fine.
A couple of years ago a friend recapped my Amiga Cd32's
motherboard. Great. With my new klipper extension board, I am very happy.

Then what's wrong? Well, people read very much information on the internet. And sometimes it is too much, and we start to worry without reason.
Like me now probably. Lately I read stories on forums about blowing up C64's with the original C64 psu. They start to be instable and blowing up the computer due to 'over voltage' . These forums warn people for those old C64 linear's, that were never designed with a blocking fuse, in case of over voltage. I even have a c64 here, and I will wait with using it now in 2020 till I have a replacement for the psu. Why take the risk?

I have my multi meter here, but I can't measure stability with that. I would need a stroboscope or something. (forgive me if I use wrong words there..., I am not an electro engineer)
However, that's why I am starting to worry about my CD32 now. I run it one time a week to feel nostalgic, but the CD32 psu has the same architecture as the old brick C64 psu , isn't it? And probably the same risks?

I have an Amiga 500 psu lying around here I could use it for the cd32 by changing the connector. It looks heavy, but it is 35 years old as well...Would that improve anything? (It also means killing the original connector...)
Or, would it be best to buy one of those new replacement Amiga 500 psu's I see on ebay, and change the connector to CD32. The adverts claim they have a built in protection.

The Cd32 replacement psu's look very fragile, I don't trust those.
Does anyone have experience with finding answers for this question?


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Hi, I don’t know if CD32 supplies go high over time like C64.
However my CD32 came without a PSU.
I built my own from one of these https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDeta...Ff%252Bg%3D%3D. For peace of mind, I think I would have done this even if I had the original psu.
Very easy, no soldering. Fits into easily available plastic enclosures.

Good luck.
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Glen M
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I've never had an issue with my CD32 PSU or any Amiga PSU for that matter. I don't think they have the dreaded fail high of the C64 power supplies (of which I've personal experience)

That power supply DDNI linked looks like a good option but you'd need to put it in a box and you'll need to make up the cable for the console. You could actually gut your existing power brick and reuse that shell and cables. Just be 100% sure your connect up the outputs correctly!
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The PSU is the most important thing in your Amiga Set up so I would certainly go for one of the new offerings. A failing power supply puts strain on your motherboard as it pushes your motherboard capacitors into overdrive trying to keep charge while the failing power supply flucturates its outputs.
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Thanks all, I like the solution in the link. Building it in the original power brick sounds attractive, but I checked the proportions:
Length: 99 mm
width: 97 mm
High: 36 mm

That will never work. Suppose I would need to order parts everywhere on the net and construct it. The job is not hard. My multimeter could tell the right circuits on the original brick. Just copy the pinout like that.

One question, why is it that there are so many reproduction models for C64 on ebay, and commodore 128, but why not for amiga, at least not that I know of.
What about one of those big c64 replacements, would they do, or is there a incompatibility... I think both models CD32 and C64 had 5V / 12V psu's right ?
About the same power.

Glen, yes I would prefer to keep just my brick as it is, if it is good function. The problem is, my amiga will not tell me when it is hurted by a bad brick, and when I see symptoms somewhere in future, probably it is too late.

Why is there no CD32 saver, like there is for C64 (c64 saver)
Those things are handy. A convertor cable between the psu and C64, with a fuse and a LED in between. When the voltage is too high, it will simply stop the circuit...
Costing 20 euro or so.

Or just the complete replacement c64 psu:


will it offer 5V 4 Ampere / 12V 2 ampere ?
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Originally Posted by leeuwtje View Post
One question, why is it that there are so many reproduction models for C64 on ebay, and commodore 128, but why not for amiga, at least not that I know of.
Because a lot more people had C64s and thus there's more nostalgia for it, especially in the United States. You could walk into any department store and there would be C64 software.

There were 3-4 times as many C64s sold vs. Amigas. Moreover many Amigas were sold to existing Amiga users as an upgrade (almost every A1200 owner had an A500 before), and a whole lot of Amigas were sold to video production companies. Meanwhile almost every C64 went to one user (usually a kid), and that was the only C64-compatible computer they ever owned, as there were no later models to upgrade to other than the 128 -- which did not sell well at all.

Worldwide, C64 home users probably outnumbered Amiga home users with a five to one ratio, maybe more.
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