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Larger partition


My SD card was split and formatted under os3.9. I gave 1gb for the system and the rest was about 14 gb for the data. I use the classicwb and everything is ok.

But I decided to try the amigasys 4. I lost the re-install and unfortunately the second part sees me as less than 1gb.

What is in the classicwb dograne what patch applied that with the partitions is all right, and what would be useful to play to amigasys to solve this problem.

In my am i have sd 16 gb and kick 3.x cloanto.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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not entirely sure, but i guess it might be the original scsi.device, you need to replace: SCSI4345p

maybe i'm wrong - allways work with a backup

#1) there is the scsi.device by Don Adan (SCSI.lzx), which you can test too.
you have to add it - for example - using loadmodule in your startup-sequence.

if i'm all worng, someone correct me.

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Thank you for the porade. But why in classicwb nothing I have to do and the disk correctly detects, and in amigasys4 is a problem. I looked at startup-sequence and user-startup and did not find the program that defeated this barrier.
But maybe someone knows the solution ???
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amigasys4 is a lot older compared to classicwb.
this may explain, the patched scsi.device is not included with amigasys4.

not sure how it is done in classicwb - maybe they are using a different filesystem, so no need to update the scsi.device.

anyone here to give some advice to the partion problem?
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As well as the newer scsi.device, Classic WB uses Scalos which reports all of the drive sizes correctly. For that you need to use Scalos, Dopus 5 or OS 3.5 and above I think it is.
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Exactly so with the scalos everything is fine. I thought nsdpatch would do the job but apparently need something better than os3.1 as a colleague writes.

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