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Automate debugger commands

Hey everyone

I'm new here. I actually hail from the Lemon Amiga forums. Well, sort of.
My very first post is actually a question which I have asked just now on the Lemon Amiga forums as well.

I use WinUAE for all my Amiga needs as I prefer to keep my beloved Amiga safely packed away (and also, I just don't have enough room in my apartment for two complete systems - my wife would object).

Using an emulator also gives me a few advantages that I just don't want to miss anymore.
One of them being the WinUAE debugger.

I use the debugger mainly for cheating. - Yes, I cheat. I always cheat when playing alone. I don't have much time and therefore no patience for frustrating games.
I know that many people cannot imagine playing with cheats but cheating actually lets me enjoy games more.

Well, that said I happily provide you with my debugger cheats if anyone is interested in them.

My question is: Is there a way to automate these commands?

Of course, I can start the game, switch to windowed-mode, open the debugger and type in the appropriate commands.
But I would find it a lot more convenient to, say, add them to the configuration file so the commands will get executed automatically.

Or assign a gamepad-button to execute a command (which would actually be even better as it would allow me to turn them on and off).

I looked around the internet for a bit but haven't found anything - which I guess means that there are no such options.
But perhaps I searched with the wrong terms and there is actually a way.

That's why I thought I should ask you guys.

Thanks a lot!

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Toni Wilen
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(moving to wishlist)

Debugger commands won't be automated but some kind of proper cheat support will happen someday if someone develops cheat file format that work with programs that don't use absolute addresses.

Some kind of "finger print" (perhaps something that file patching programs use to find correct position) needs to be included
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WHDLoad has a lot of slaves with cheats. Why not request cheats to the slave authors? It's easy so they would do it (specially if you know the things that must be changed )
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Thanks you two!

WHDLoad? Good idea!
Honestly, I never looked at WHDLoad slaves before as I mostly use ADFs that I made myself from my original discs.
I usually start my games with separate configuration files because I like to setup each game individually (screen, gamepad and sometimes even brightness and contrast). Is that possible with WHDLoad slaves as I assume they need to be started from Workbench?
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