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any office software?

not sure which. was there some kind of works for amiga? it would be for workbench 3.1 with optional version for workbench 1.3. Can anyone recommend anything? either a complete office suite or spreadsheet database and word processor that just work well together. If possible put it in the zone

Thank you
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For 3.1, (Or 2+) Word Processor: Word Worth 2 or greater, Final Writer, (Require 2mb RAM, runs on an A1200).
For spread sheet, I've tried multiplan (from the 80s) User Interface wasn't that great but it was early days.
I found TurboCalc (for A1200) on the amiga good enough for me. You can find working demoes on amr.abime.net.
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Originally Posted by MystikShadows View Post
was there some kind of works for amiga?

Word processing -> Final Writer 97 (very good)

Database -> Final Data 3 (very simple...)

Spreadsheet -> Final Calc (I don't know, never used it)

Not really an office "suite", but at least all from the same publisher .
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I used Beckertext II as a word processor and IIRC it was ok. I think I still have a huge book (>500 pages) about it in the basement.
Because of screen resolution, cpu and ram constraints, of course they all had limited WYSIWYG compared to today. I also remember Kindwords and Prowrite but haven't used them.

Discussion about Amiga word processors here:
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Originally Posted by Etze View Post
Word processing -> Final Writer 97 (very good)

Database -> Final Data 3 (very simple...)

Spreadsheet -> Final Calc (I don't know, never used it)

Not really an office "suite", but at least all from the same publisher .

Kind of a fan of the Final Suite of products myself lol
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"Mini Office" that is an Amiga suite like Office for Windows
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I have a software simply called "Amiga Office", it has 5 disks, I have the original and I don't think I can copy it. But it is for Amiga 500.
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iirc what's crazy with A-max you can run excel probably as good or better than most Amiga spreadsheets, just 2 disks on a A500, but iirc it's Hi-Res.
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For spreadsheets there’s also TurboCalc and ProCalc (I think that’s the name; it’s the one from Gold Disk). Older versions of those might work on 1.3. Final Calc might even work under 1.3... not sure.

For word processing under 1.3, Final Copy II is a good bet. You might also look into ProWrite.

EDIT: Amiga Future also maintains a pretty good software database. <— I’ve pre-linked to the office applications section.
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The best spreadsheet for Amiga is TurboCalc 5 and word processor Digita WordWorth can import TC sheets into documents...

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Gold Disk released a package they called Office.
Came with: OfficeWrite, OfficeCalc, OfficePage, OfficeFile, and OfficeGraph.
I have no idea what any of them are... ;-)
Looks like there is a boxed edition on ebay UK...
As for Spreadsheets, there is also one called MaxiPlan that I think I have some original disks of, but have never looked into it...
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The most powerful combination is definitely Wordworth 7, TurboCalc 5 (they work well together, as somebody already pointed out) plus MUIBase as a database. The generally require faster CPUs to be 'fun' though, and benefit greatly from a graphics card. Somewhat less ressource hungry (but also less powerful) alternatives would FinalWriter 97, SuperBase and FinalCalc or Pro Calc.

For 1.3 on an unexpanded Amiga you have a ton of options. An example for a "Works" like package would be Amiga Mini Office ( [ Show youtube player ]), In Germany, you'd most likely have used Beckertext and AmigaCalc or an early version of TurboCalc.
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