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Originally Posted by deladrevoc View Post
I did my A Level computer studies project on an 1MB expanded A500 using Turbo Pascal and software based IBM emulator. It took 30 mins to compile 1000 lines of code - a real pain, as I often found out I'd made more than one mistake before compiling!

If only I could have afforded the KCS Power PC board back in the day

I sat in front of a colour TV for three days solid to finish coding a database program by the deadline. It was still fun despite the sleep deprivation and sore throat which I'm convinced was down to radiation from the TV....
Wow I thought I was the only one who has done such a silly thing . I also had an Amiga 500 expanded to 1MB and used Amiga Transformer PC Emulator with DOS 5(?) and Borland Turbo Pascal version 3.x. For high school assignments worked well but compiling anything larger, I would resort using my neighbor's IBM.

While it was fun attempting something that other non-Amigans considered impossible, it was a big pain swapping the floppies back and forth. Watching them jaw dropping was all worth it though

I occasionally get a nostalgia moment and try to scoop this language back up but I find myself in a corner for the lack of support and resources, really. It's much easier to find an answer to a problem if you are coding in C/C++ rather than Pascal.

I have to say though, I do love the clean and easy to understand syntax. When I switched from Pascal to C/C++ I did not enjoy it. Curly brackets played tricks on my eyes and still do sometimes.
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Originally Posted by amigamia View Post
Wow I thought I was the only one who has done such a silly thing . I also had an Amiga 500 expanded to 1MB and used Amiga Transformer PC Emulator with DOS 5(?) and Borland Turbo Pascal version 3.x.
I did the same!

Also used Amiga ADA for my ADA assignments. ADA is a multi-threaded language so runs much better on an Amiga than a DOS PC...
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OK, so I found a youtube video series called the Amiga Show (inspired by the great "The Spectrum Show") and I'm watching it. As he's going over the AmigaWorld introduction ads, there is an ad for Turbo Pascal for the Amiga...
er... um...
I don't remember that ever happening... So I googled and ended up here.
I am guessing that ad was a thought Borland had, but they never actually released one?
I did some Turbo Pascal on the PC back in the day and loved it, but never did Pascal on the Amiga. I did try Modula II briefly, but then jumped to DICE for C.
But if there was an official Turbo Pascal, I can't believe I missed it...
Also, one of the reasons Pascal was so popular for a while is that a lot of computer programs loved it. In college when/where I went, they almost exclusively taught Pascal. (That was on Macs at the time... )
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Atari ST got Turbo C
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