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When i read the title i thought at this guy (italian people knows him, is a comedian)
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Berusky is the czech word for ladybugs (plural). One ladybug is beruska.
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many thx for this, just found about it today, great work!
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I've been thinking about what game could run on the CD32, and Berusky seemed like a good match. It's a 2D puzzle game with a password save system and I already added controller support. The original resolution, 640x480 is flicker-hell on a regular TV (or on a PAL monitor for that matter), so I had to rewrite things to downscale the screen drawing to 640x240. Then I discovered that the game uses a lot of memory. It was released in 1999, when 32 MB RAM was not uncommon. The original game needs about 8 MB, which won't fit on a CD32. There are large static buffers in the game, it precaches a lot of resources, and has nice high resolution bitmaps. I killed the static buffers where I could, but some features (demo recording, level editor) had to go as well. These wouldn't make sense on the CD32 anyway, as there's nowhere to save them. Also gone the compressed DAT file for the game's resources, but that's not a problem either, there's plenty of space on the CD. After shuffling around some graphics loading, I now have a version that runs on a base CD32. Some features are still broken because the game runs out of memory, but the actual gameplay works. What's currently missing:
  • built in help: lack of memory
  • sounds: lack of memory
  • music: needs to be converted from FastTracker modules to CD audio

These will be reworked as well eventually, but I wanted to share a work in progress version. I'm also still looking for an artist who could redraw the menu graphics for the English version. I have all the game text translated, I just need the text menu graphics to be redrawn.

Here's a preview CD32 bootable ISO:

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