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Probably all of them.
(of those already happened by the time of pre-release)
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Why did some Amiga 1200 motherboards have detachable mouse ports?
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This is just a guess, but most likely it was to make the board a little bit smaller and therefore cheaper to manufacture. The little mouse port PCB was perhaps nested in the empty space where the accelerator would go, and in later models replaced entirely by just a connector and cable.
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Yep, that's most likely it. PCB manufacture is generally costed on the rectangular footprint of the board. On the A500, they put the A501 PCB in the space left by the trapdoor, and on the 1200 they originally seem to have put the RTC expansion there. When that didn't become a big thing, it made sense to move it to that space instead. That was with the 2B boards, though the board was initially made shorter for the 1D4 boards with the mouse port on a cable. (It was also apparently planned for prior revisions too, since they have the pads for the internal connector). Presumably the cost of the cable assembly was more than the PCB assembly...

Edit: You can actually see this by looking at the PCB layout of the 2B motherboard on http://www.amigapcb.org/ (can't link directly to it, but you can select A1200 2B and see both the mouse port PCB and the proposed RTC expansion in the space at the bottom right of the board).
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