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Amiga Demo Scene

What's the Amiga Demo Scene like in 2015? Any links you would like to share? Any Diskmags left or did the web kill them all?
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Enough releases every year, just check pouet.net

Diskmags, i think that is a bit deadish.
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We've already pretty much sorted out what games we're going to release this month, but any feedback or future requests would be appreciated.


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I wish pouet listed Amiga platforms more specifically (020/030/060).

It's a grey area but they could go by the dev's announcement if one is given. A lot of the AGA demos are useless on 030.
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Originally Posted by Decker View Post
I wish pouet listed Amiga platforms more specifically (020/030/060).

It's a grey area but they could go by the dev's announcement if one is given. A lot of the AGA demos are useless on 030.
Agreed. It can be a nightmare of trial and error finding which demos will work on a more modest setup. Most of the time I end up scrolling through the comments looking for any mention of specs needed.

There really should be a field that shows recommended hardware for every Amiga prod.
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I usually go by the general rule that anything made for AGA after 1998 is targetted for 060, unless otherwise stated. You have the option of reading the nfo-file on Pouet (if one is given), which might aid you in finding stuff that works on a 030.
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Pouet contains demos for all platforms not just for Amiga, so adding for each minimum and recommended config is simply not possible. But there is another web which is called Amiga Demoscene Archive (ADA) here: http://ada.untergrund.net/

ADA is Amiga related only, so yes minimum and recommended config is mentioned there as well. New demos are usually not updated next days but the good demos will appear with all info, credits and screenshots after some time.
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I am sure you have discovered everything already on Pouet but just in case, hopefully the Revision party from this year will wet your appetite:-


I absolutely adore the modern Amiga demo scene. From my experience, anything AGA in the modern world usually requires 060 and anything aimed at OCS/ECS usually means stock A500 with 512mb of additional chip ram (1mb A500 effectively).
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