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Update ReAction classes

Why has all updating of the OS3.9 ReAction classes stopped? Just because OS4.x is out doesn't mean support should be dropped. Not everyone can afford an OS4.x system. And the vast majority of Amiga users are still on OS3.9 or less. There is no reason the same bug fixes and new features can't be applied to the OS3.9 classes.

I am in dire need of the Chooser's CNA_CopyText tag, but is only available for v53.11. I also need Button's BUTTON_HorizAlignment tag for an image; v51. Listbrowser's LISTBROWSER_Striping tag would be nice, too. And a few more tags.....

There is nothing special about the features that OS4.x has that OS3.9 doesn't. Just compile them for both OS's and everyone will be happy. Especially me.

Pass this on to the OS4 forum's that I can't post on because I am OS3.9. Get the developers back in the game. Obviously OS3.9 is far from dead.
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I agree with you... But I think they want us to migrate.
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Hyperion and Amiga Inc. don't give a shit about AmigaOS 3.x and 68k. Hyperion would like to force all 68k users to abandon the 68k and buy AmigaOS 4. Amiga Inc. is a bunch of criminal con-artists that only care about squeezing the last pennies out of the Amiga's grave. There are only 2 possibilities to continue ReAction/ClassAct without paying ransom money to the the thieves.

1) Find Christopher Aldi and see if he signed an exclusive contract for rights to distribute ClassAct/Reaction. He is a really nice guy so there is a descent chance he would help if he could.

2) Recreate ClassAct/Reaction. I believe someone started for AROS several years ago but I don't think they got very far.

Maybe Hyperion's attitude will change when fpga 68k Amigas far outnumber AmigaOS 4.x PPC Amigas. They could compile ClassAct, P96 and Warp3D for the 68k anytime they decided it's worth their time. The sad truth is that it would be in their benefit to do so to further these APIs, to support their buggy products that give them a bad reputation and to help their reputation with 68k owners who are their target market for AmigaOS 4. As it it, I won't be buying any products from these kinds of companies.
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