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Old 10 July 2008, 14:20   #1
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UAE TiME is running to FAST !!!

Hello UAE Freaks ..

first .. my english is not the best .. but i try to learn it

I normally run my oldscool Amiga BBS system on Amiga 12ooTower 060 and Amiga 4000 060 .. but this time i have big troubble with my Harddisk ..
so i have try to start my BBS on UAE !
many years before i have it run on UAE 0.8XX for testing ..
It was unstable so i use my old good Amigas ..
oK ..the problem ...
i start the UAE with BBS and all works FiNE .. many hours .. but then . i dont know why .. the CLOCK runs .. extremly the UAE works fine ! only the clock runs .. the problem is .. the protocoll of the BBS is broking .

To the configs ..

i try UAE 1.4.6 1.5.0 and all Betas to Beta4 !

I try Amikit with OS 3.9 and Amigasys4 with OS3.9

if i work extern .. and the BUGGY time Runs .. i make extern c:reboot .. And UAE crashd ..
now the BBS dont start Again ..

i hope you understand my english and my problem ..

and i hope i give you all Infos to fix the problem ..

Greets from Germany/Berlin ...

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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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(shouldn't this be in prb.WinUAE? Version numbers seem to point to WinUAE)

How fast does the clock run when the problem happens? less than 2x faster? 10x faster? Extremely fast?

Does it always happen after few hours of use? Exact same time always between emulation startup and clock getting crazy?

Try ticking or unticking "Synchronize clock" setting in Misc-panel, also enable logging and see if there is anything interesting when the problem happens.

There are buggy reboot programs that do stupid things and won't work very well under JIT CPU emulation. (email or upload it to the zone and I'll take a look)
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Old 10 July 2008, 19:08   #3
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Sorry ...

after typing my message i see iam not in winuae channel .. sorry ..

oK the clock runs 10x faster min. the analog clock runs like 1 minute in a second ..
The hours of working .. i cant say .. exact .. i run UAE for this use ( BBS) since 4 days ..
i test and try all .. and it works fine .. last day i go sleep and in the morning the clock runs .. yesterday afternoon i try it with amikit .. a check in the morning .. it works .. from my office i logged in .. and make some work in the bbs .. and than i see .. the clock runs ..
is it possible that i have mistake in the config file ??
i have now unticking the synchronize clock ..
the configfile and log are includes as Attach !
THX ..

IRoN !
Attached Files
File Type: uae AmigaSYS 4-iron.uae (27.0 KB, 158 views)
File Type: uae AmiKit-TuNED.uae (26.9 KB, 164 views)
File Type: txt winuaebootlog.txt (10.0 KB, 152 views)
File Type: txt winuaelog.txt (40.9 KB, 202 views)
Old 11 July 2008, 13:18   #4
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Hämeenlinna/Finland
Age: 45
Posts: 24,629
Error: couldn't find key!
Better reset that Amiga - the system is messed up.
I have never seen these errors previously. I think this needs to be solved first... I'll add more debug logging to filesystem emulation in next beta.
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Old 11 July 2008, 18:42   #5
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Hello ..
I am not the best in english .. and i look in google translate for messed up .. be he cant translate
i have refresht my logfile and the next problem is this

2008-07-11 17:33:23
23-218 [2990 226x129]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
23-546 [3007 226x008]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
2008-07-11 17:33:24
24-203 [3040 226x119]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
24-515 [3057 226x014]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
2008-07-11 17:33:25
25-171 [3090 225x117]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
25-500 [3107 226x188]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
2008-07-11 17:33:26
26-140 [3140 226x155]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
26-484 [3158 226x009]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
2008-07-11 17:33:27
27-109 [3190 226x129]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
27-453 [3208 226x015]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
2008-07-11 17:33:28
28-093 [3240 226x127]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
28-437 [3258 226x013]: WARNING: do_blit() couldn't lock
45-921 [28774 224x017]: Error: couldn't find key!
45-921 [28774 224x017]: Better reset that Amiga - the system is messed up.

second for second .. my logfile is more than 1 tb big ... no .. its a joke .. but it is very big ..
i dont know what he want from me ..
in the night in UAE frozen .. 2 times .. i have make a taskkill of uae.exe
now i have a amikit original config ... .. it runs since 07:00 Morning .. now its is 18:00
temporary it works fine ... (except with) (only) "i dont know the words" .. the logfile !!

Greets ..

Old 11 July 2008, 18:52   #6
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Hi IRoN,

'messed up' means 'total fertig'. You should use http://dict.leo.org/ it's much better than the Google translations
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Old 11 July 2008, 22:06   #7
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Hey TheCyberDruid...

Thx .. for the link ... hmm yes Messed up .. it look like so ..

A amiga 2000 3000 4000 (030) or (060) runs with this system! BBS Ftp Telnet etc ..
a Dualcore PC cry for help

Dear PC .. iam so sorry ..

IRoN !

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