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Fred the Fop
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Want to buy an MSX

Guys, I am looking to buy an MSX, preferably a MSX 2+.
I know there is an MSX forum, but I know you guys and maybe you really can help me better.
Thanks for any advice.
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Is it true that MSX can read MS-DOS formatted disks?
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Fred the Fop
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Yes, it can.
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AB Positive
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well it's what the MS stands for of sorts - Microsoft helped develop the "standard".

I too want one and have no clue, if you find a good source let me know.
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Old 30 May 2009, 12:32   #5
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Hi Fred,
A couple of links you may (not) be aware of:

Turbo R

To my knowledge the better MSX machines were generally Jap-market only so possibly you're looking @ importing..?

Old Computers
...and search under MSX should be a good start as to what's available.
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Old 30 May 2009, 20:47   #6
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Fred, I can send you over an MSX, but it's not MSX2.
I can offer you a rare argentinian Talent DPC-200
It looks like this one:

I have it in ultra mint condition and I may be able to have it shipped to you from within USA (my girlfriend may be able to take it up there)
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Old 30 May 2009, 21:40   #7
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Despite the broken pictures on the site i think this guy is still in the business and appears to be quite reliable, Holland is probably your best bet nowadays to obtain a msx1 or 2 :

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Old 31 May 2009, 00:08   #8
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Unfortunately does not ship with other carriers.
To give you an example from a computer 45 is sent to Australia at a price of 40 euros!
I asked if we could use other messengers, but do not want to answer the only thing and pay the high shipping costs!

sevolete a 8250 with the front course I will sell for 30 euros plus costs.
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Old 31 May 2009, 01:10   #9

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The original MSX was quite common in Europe, the trick is finding a nice upgraded later model. Most of the guys that bought those were huge fans of Japanese game cartridge series, so the best bet is to join an MSX community and ask there. (If you haven't already.)

I'm a contributor to old-computers.com, they have eBay links (which are not all-encompassing), but I'll ask them if they're planning to add community links.

I have 3 MSXes and 2 precursors to MSX, but the MSXes are all MSX1. At least for MSX1, the magic is in Konami cartridges in that the zillions of brands are all but the same and all lack hardware registers that could've helped compensate for the cheap hardware.

I left the MSX before MSX2 came, iirc (haven't looked it up) they added memory capabilities and sound channels, maybe some colors, and left out the hardware registers again. (Surrupticiously hinting that the whole series was crap.) If I get in touch with Jonas who took over my MSX column ages ago, I'll check out what the latest ones offer.

But ask Dexther to make a list of MSX2+ names and price with shipping, I think he says he has MSX2+es... I think.

In the meanwhile, you'll have to make do with this, http://www.blocket.se/vasternorrland....htm?ca=14&w=3

(I checked the Swedish auction sites for you.)
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