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Anyone seen the Star Wreck series ?

Just wondered if anyone has seen the (sometimes ridiculous) "Star Wreck" series. The latest movie "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning" can be downloaded from http://www.starwreck.com/

I believe some of the earlier "films" may have been made on Amiga, but I think the feature length film at least was made on LightWave on PC's due to the cheaper processing power. Also the film took 7-8 years to complete so in that time there must have been much better things than Amiga to render on

Maybe someone from the Finland scene can clarify the process.

In any case, I think the Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning film is an amazing feat, though the dialogue etc could need some work.
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There is interview with Samuli Torssonen on Saku(= Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.
= Finnish Amiga Users Group) magazine #49. In the interview http://saku.amigafin.org/lehti/onlin...torssonen.html, he says that the graphics were taken Star Controls pc version, not the Amiga. He says that he owned Amiga though.
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I don't see how the guy intends to make money off it, as it has gross violations - to a layman as myself in the field of copyright law - of the Star Trek franchise.
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Isn't the world full of parodies, how exactly is it making violations differently in this case? They've made effects and 3D models themselves etc. An in case you didn't notice, there's as much from Babylon5 as from ST

First films were crappy animations made with some paint program and talked voice. Couple of the latest are acted and pretty fun actually. The latest is surprisingly good, but also should be as it was in the making so long It has even got into DVD distribution and I bought it from local supermarket for example.

They've always been made on PC, AFAIK, but there are lots of C64 and Amiga references. In the latest film legendary TAC-2 joystick is on very big part. And in the previous film there was A500 shown and some heavy Windows jokes. And how about the name of the starship C.P.P. Kickstart.

I think 3D in earlier movies was made with 3ds Max, but in the latest one they switched to Lightwave.

Anyway, I'd recommend to watch the latest movie, and why not the 2nd latest too. There's subtitles for many languages available, although the best laughs you get sometimes when understanding finnish and see how it's translated to english
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Heh, I downloaded this (legally, from the official site, I'm pretty sure -- I hope I remember correctly ) after someone recommended it in 2005. I still haven't watched it... I had pretty much forgotten about it.

Edit: By "this", I mean Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, along with some subtitle files.

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Bought it because got all the older ones too easily. Nice to see how things evolved, the gang's dedication and tongue on the cheek feeling.
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Originally Posted by eLowar View Post
Heh, I downloaded this (legally, from the official site, I'm pretty sure -- I hope I remember correctly ) after someone recommended it in 2005.

Edit: By "this", I mean Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, along with some subtitle files.
Same here, I think that's the one I saw and IMHO it was... ermmm... boring, even for a amateur production.
The main guy was an annoying know-it-all fag like Cartman from South Park, the main chick was... erm... your normal every-day chick, nothing special

IMHO the best ever amateur movie I saw was... erm... you know, that Metal Gear Solid fan-fic movie, by... ermmmm... anyone remembers?
Now THAT was some funny entertaining shit.
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you should really check out their latest yet to be released production at http://www.ironsky.net/
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