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A1200 dont work

Hi, years have passed since I boxed my amigas, this week I unbox them and try to play and I discover that my A1200HD dont work. When I switch on the power supply the A1200 do nothing except that the caps lock light flicks fast and the screen is black.

I try everithing but no changes

What is that?? Can I recover that?

Thankyou very much and sorry for my language cause im not english
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Hi Tronko,

Do you have a RAM card or accelerator fitted in the trapdoor expansion port?

If so, take it out before trying to boot the machine again. (Take antistatic precautions when handling electronic parts.)

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I seem to remember that a flashing caps lock relates to some kind of hardware failure as Commodore engineers used various ways to diagnose faults. Maybe somebody can shed some light on this for you.

I found this info for you:-

If the keyboard does not pass the test it will notify you that it is not working properly. This information is indicated with the blinking of the CAPS-LOCK light.

One Blink: Keyboard ROM check failed.

Two Blinks: Keyboard RAM checked failed.

Three Blinks: Watch dog timer failed

Four Blinks: A short between two row lines or special control keys.

Try checking the keyboard ribbon cable first and insure that it is fitted securely also ensure no muck has got into the connector where the keyboard ribbon is secured via the motherboard.
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Thankyou for your answers,

First I wrote this post I removed my MTEC 1230 68030/28MHz board.

And yes Hercules I think the same thing about the caps lock light, tomorrow I unscrew my old A1200 to see the board triying to find the problem.

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Yes, I ride this information on the net thankyou, but my caps lock light blinks without end at the same speed always (fast).

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its unlikely to be an MPU or cache failure - its more likely a capcitor that feeds to or from this circuit to be at fault.

Can you take some hi-res pictures of the A1200 motherboard - if you haven't already you will need to remove the top RF shield from the bottom (you can leave the bottom inplace)

if its an obvious capacitor problem members here should be able to diagnose it and or offer some better advice
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