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Old 12 November 2004, 01:31   #1
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Angry Problems with CrossDOS :(

Hi Guys,

I've just got a nice spanky A1200 with HD and I'm trying to transfer some files over to it, namely TwinExpress.

I've checked previous posts on the subject and made sure that I have L:CrossDOSFilesystem a DEVS:mfm.device and DEVS: DOSDrivers/pc0 which reads:-

FileSystem = L:CrossDOSFileSystem
Device = mfm.device
Flags = 1
Surfaces = 2
SectorsPerTrack = 9
SectorSize = 512
Reserved = 1
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 79
Buffers = 5
BufMemType = 0
StackSize = 600
Priority = 10
GlobVec = -1
DosType = 0x4D534400
Activate = 1

When I try mount pc0: from a shell it cries out with:-

ERROR 'SectorsPerTrack' is not a valid keyword

Any help would be appreciated.

Also I have no WB disks, just what is on the hard disk and theres nothing in the prefs folder, so I might have problems with transferring by serial cable. Any suggestions? I do have WB 3.0 and 3.1 as adf's so are there any tools that convert adf to dms?


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If you mount something after WB has loaded then the mountfile (in this case PC0) should be in SYS:STORAGE/DOSDRIVERS. Also check the mountfile with some text-editor if ther's something wrong. What happens when you double-click the PC0 icon?
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Old 12 November 2004, 14:45   #3
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The message just says that 'SectorsPerTrack' is an unknown keyword for mount. It should be 'BlocksPerTrack' (as far as I remember - I'm not at home at the moment).
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Old 12 November 2004, 14:55   #4
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@rgen: this was my first reaction, too, but the original has SectorsPerTrack in it either.

@lpopman: you should try it with BlocksPerTrack anyway. Probably you have an old version of the Mount command.

You should get yourself a set of original Workbench disks. They can be bought quite cheap from the remaining Amiga dealers. Try www.vesalia.de or www.kdh-datentechnik.com.
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Old 13 November 2004, 02:51   #5
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Cheers Guys. I tried it with Block instead of Sector and it worked ok.
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Old 17 November 2004, 23:15   #6
Mehh :D
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If you're running Twin Express, why do you need a PC file system? Also, have you tried MessySID? If you know what SID is, cool - if not, it's a directory utility like DOpus, where you can drop a 720K PC floppy in your disk drive and work on the files as if they were on an AmigaDOS disk. I find it much nicer to use than CrossDOS.

If you want MessySID (and I'm allowed to post it), I can put a DMS image on the Zone for you to download. It's a PD Disk BTW.
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