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Joe Maroni

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not until next week...sorry to busy...
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I hope the "defaults" is correct, i just plug it in ;-)
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Originally Posted by BarrySWE
I hope the "defaults" is correct, i just plug it in ;-)
"plug & pray"...I mean isn't it plig & play?
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Well, here is a quick translation, so you atleast know what youve done wrong in front of your burned down Amiga

Contrary to the manual, there is only 1 Jumper on the board.
oder = or, Diskettenlaufwerk = diskdrive, (geschlossen) = connected, (nicht geschlossen) = not connected - I let you figure out the rest

Page2: Nothing really interesting, only describing what you have bought.

Pictures of Adapterboard and a section of the Amigas Mainboard

Before installation disconnect computer from power, etc.
Remove Chassis from Amiga, remove cable between internal diskdrive and connector on mainboard.
Now connect the new cable. The connector next to the adapterboard plugs into internal diskdrive-port on mainboard (CN11). Take care for the right orientation - a "1" is marked on the mainboard with must face to the colour-keyed line of the cable.

The Adapterboard now gets attached to the IC labeled "U8". IC U8 is somewhere close to the Diskdrive-connector on the mainboard. The Adapterboard as the IC U8 have a cut-off-edge to avoid misalignment.

DF0 gets connected to the Connector closer to the Adapterboard, DF1 to the outer one. Right orientation, yadda yadda.
Cant use external Drives anymore, you either need a Tower-PSU or a special cable to connect Df1 to power.

Adjustments to Jumpers
You need to tell the internal drives to act as DF0 or DF1, they should have a Jumper which is usually marked with DS0 and DS1, use DS0 to act as DF0 and DS1 to act as DF1

Page1 says Jumper-settings in manual are useless..
If you got 1 HD and 1DD Drive, use HD as DF0

If your A1200 is an Amiga Technologies one with the Panasonic-Drive-Problem then it wont work unless you fix that Problem (I think the how-to is somewhere on the CAPS-Website and definitly on Aminet)
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