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Name That Game

There are a lot of these threads... i genuinely believe this one will be tricky, if only because I can only remember a few vague points...

It was a kind of roleplaying game, you had four different views for four different characters and i *think* it was designed for four players, rather than one player controlling four characters.

but then i always thought Dungeon Master was designed for four players (because thats how me and my friends played it when we were young, choosing one character each...)

It was viewed-from-above action, like Legend of Zelda or something, so it wasn't hired guns. it was way earlier, I found it in a second hand shop in about 1990, i think.

the only other thing i can remember is there was a kind of "rainbow road" section where you travelled between worlds. fantasy setting. a bit crap.

any ideas? it was definitely an Amiga game.
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Sounds like Gauntlet ? But surely everyone knows that!
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I was thinking Shadowlands. It's probably not!
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I was thinking of Shadowlands, Kargon or Speris Legacy (travel screen) but none fits into description.

edit: Probably not moonstone
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Swords of Twilight

must be "Swords of Twilight" by EA.
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i think of Gauntlet too but to add something on the way, it may be Hero Quest / Legend Of Sorasil
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Originally Posted by cebulba
must be "Swords of Twilight" by EA.

thats it! wow, i really didn't think anyone would get that one so quickly, seeing as I havent heard anyone mention it, ever. didn't even see any reviews of it in magazines when it came out. otherwise I probably wouldnt have bought it as I would have known how crap it was.

those screebnshots on HOL make it look deceptively good.
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