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Amiga 3000 Game & Demo Compatibility

Hello folks,

I have just acquired an Amiga 3000 with a Opal Vision card. Unfortunately the battery has leaked and while the unit seems to be functioning fine (I will be attacking it with white vinegar later). I have trialed a series of games and demos on the unit.

I have a lot of experience with other models and computers, but it seems that only around 10% of games and 1% of demos will work.

Most fail with a kernel trap failure or the graphics are garbled. I have tried the same tests without the Opal card plugged in to rule that out and have used spare working floppy drives to rule that out. The a3000 is running Kickstart 2, 1.3 is not installed and everything on the hard drive seems to work okay. I have a Buddha IDE on its way and super kickstart disk to perform a fresh install.

While it is not important that I can run these games and demos (not even Red Sector Mega Demi or Scoopex Mental Hangover will run), I would like feedback to confirm that I should expect the rate of failed games and demos due to the hardware. If i should have a higher success rate of various games working, that may lead to problems related to the corrosion of the board from the battery leak. Which in turn I will need to get fixed.

Games like Cineware, Gunship 2000 all ran fine, but things like Xenon 2, Hard Drivin, Blood Money, Nightbreed, Double Dragon 2, Chase HQ, Out Run 2, Power Drift to name but a few I have tested all fail. These are all original working floppies. Using my Kryoflux to write .ipf back to disk yield the same results and most hacked menus or trainers are garbled.

Thanks for your input.

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Hello and welcome!

A large proportion of games and demos have been very tightly coded to work on an A500 system and will face incompatibilities with any higher spec Amiga. Even though the chipset is the same, just having a different processor, Kickstart and peripheral layout will cause issues. Very few people back at the time had A3000s so ensuring compatibility with games (or demos) wasn't a high priority, even though it might not have required much extra effort from the developers.

That said, almost everything can be patched to get around these issues. The WHDLoad suite is the most common option today; it will make games hard drive installable and also fix compatibility issues (and often even bugs in the games themselves).

You should of course address the battery leakage issue in any event.
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Most trackloading A500 games will not run on an A3000 as is, no matter which kickstart you install. You might want to try some degrader software that is RAM resident, such as TUDE. Disable caches and such. Also since you seem to have a superkick A3000, you could install a 3.1 superkick file to get a better early startup menu. WHDLoad is the easiest option.
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Thanks guys, that makes complete sense, I used to write 68000 asm on both Atari & Amiga, I remember variation on the instruction set on the evolved 68000 versions. I really wanted to sanity check that I was not experiencing a kickback from damaged tracked or components.

I have ordered the super kick for 1.3 & 2.0, I can see many places to source 3.1 and AOS 3.9, would you care to recommend the best place to source installation for the A3000?

Many thanks again

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