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A600 Vs A1200 !

OoOKay guys am getting an A1200 at last yehoo0o0

I still have my nice A600 connected to my TV , i know that the A1200 is better since it runs AGA games,has more expansion possibilites and has a faster CPU and hmmm a numeric keypad , anything else?

will i be able to run all my A600 games on it? like speedball 2,SWOS..etc because i've heard that sometimes the A1200 doesn't play all games.


PS: should i get rid of the A600 ?
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Old 16 June 2007, 19:03   #2
Graham Humphrey
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As you're only playing from floppies, I'd keep the A600 just in case. Most games should be fine but some won't run, mostly the older games.
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Old 16 June 2007, 19:03   #3
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Whdload will fix the issues. Or a degrader like relokick, there are a few of these about.

Get rid of the A600 HELL NOOO!!!!!!
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Am thinking about getting a fancy LCD TV something like hmm i dont know a 17 or 19 inch Samsung for my Amiga.. but do u think games would run on full resolution if i got a widescreen TV or should i just get a regular one?

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Aaah, the A600, my very first Amy - so small, so cute, so easy to drag around friends :}
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Stuck in the 80s

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For best compatibility I'd get an early A500 and A1200 Although the 600 should run most old stuff.
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