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hdf problems

Hello everyone (my first post )

I'm trying to make a HDF on an A500 emulation so I can install
the Workbench and some software... my configuration is like this:
Kickstart v1.3 + Workbench v1.3.3D + 68000 + 512/512 chip/fast RAM.

I created a HDF of 500 MB, started winUAE, initialized the newly found
unformatted disk (DH0) and after its done I'm getting the first error
message... since I'm at work now I don't remember what it said but it
something like "<empty> isn't initialized". I clicked a few times on
retry, didn't do anything, then on cancel and the window disappeared.
The disk was now labeled "empty" and I renamed it to "A500HDD" which
worked. Then I copied the WB 1.3.3 disk via CLI command "copy DF0: A500HDD: all" and after it finished I rebooted.

Screen stays white for a while (about 30 secs) and then the WB starts
to load, showing "key -1 out of range" and "disk is corrupted" and "use diskdoctor to repair" - after a few clicks on retry and cancel WB finishes
booting and lets me use it without problems.

I tried using diskdoctor from CLI which checked all cylinders, replaced
a few files on the HDD and finished. Tried rebooting and the same
thing happened again...

After that I tried making smaller HDF files (250, 100, 50 and even 10 MB)
and all of those produced the same errors...

Am I doing anything wrong ? Its been 15 years when I last used an Amiga
and I barely remember anything... and its my 2nd day with winUAE so
I'm somewhat a "n00b"

PS: Oh and I have the fastfilesystem in my Kickstart folder, if that matters. And please forgive my poor English

Help appreciated on "how to create a 500MB (or less) hard drive for
WB 1.3 / Kick 1.3 on A500"

Thanks in advance and kind regards from an old geezer like me,
Dragonforce / Alexander
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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I have to move this because I am 99.99999% sure this has nothing to do with 1.5.1 betas

What do you mean by "initializing"? What exactly did you do?
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Old 30 July 2008, 21:14   #3
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Basically I highlighted the DH0 (unformatted disk), right click and "disk > initialize" to format it... then it takes about 1 hour to check all 32000 cylinders (was a 500 MB HDF) and then the screen comes up with "initializing" which takes about 5 minutes to disappear....

For the rest... see above.
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Hämeenlinna/Finland
Age: 43
Posts: 22,116
Use CLI to quick format, full format is slow and useless. (but initializing still shouldn't take that long)

"format drive dh0: name blahblah ffs quick"
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Old 30 July 2008, 23:45   #5
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Thanks, that seemed to work for HDF files up to 50 MB (maybe a little bit more).
As soon as I try to format a 100 MB or more the same errors pop up...
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OFS has a partition size limit of 30 MB or so. 50 MB might be inside the range if you don't fille it up. Only with FFS you can use bigger partitions.

Why do you use a HDF at all ? It's far too complicated. Just use a directory. Works out of the box, no size limit, easy to use.
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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Why do you use a HDF at all ? It's far too complicated. Just use a directory. Works out of the box, no size limit, easy to use.
That's a really good suggestion. It would certainly make it easier to access things you download.
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