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so i need to install iconlib on my ecs system? what is honky tonk blues? some western song?
not gonna listen to it as it's not the music i listen to. so what exactly do you mean about?
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No, you don't need to install IconLib to get MWB colors, but you never explained what you really want to do.

Same as you, I've never heard the original Honky Tonk Blues from Hank Williams before, but maybe Honky Tonk Woman from the Rolling Stones or similar songs from other bands. http://www.laut.de/Hank-Williams/Son...k-Blues-804597
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just wanted to set these mwb colours for corresponding icons to be displayed in correct colours.
the other song i don't know also. sounds like 40s or 50s music? a bit too old for my taste...
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The ClickForColors is present in the MWB archive and al lot of other MWB icon/pattern/... sets. If you double click, it will set the MWB color palette temporary. But if you open PalettePrefs and save the palette it will be there until you change it. So you don't need to install anything.

FullPalette need to be installed if you want to use it. It is useful if you have a screen with more then 8 colors.
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yeah, i'm using fullpalette which is installed and running already. so far so good.
i was just searching for the correct colour values to set and fix within fullpalette.
values peterk posted come close to mwb colours but i have to do some finetuning.
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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Hi, I am looking for a FullPalette settings file to use Magic Workbench icons without having to run the dreaded MagicWB-daemon.

Any help will be apreciated.
I realize you have little to no interest in 256 color, but this illustrates Magic Workbench, New Icons, and 256 color icons simultaneously.


Glow icons would look as intended if added as well.

The byproduct, of course, is that images all hold the same quality no matter how many you show on screen simultaneously.

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