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AB Positive
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WHDLoad on a 68000 a500 - should I go to a 68010?

a500 - check

2MB FastRAM - check

HDD controller - check

1MB ChipRAM - check

processor - 68000 - uh oh?

With my research on WHDLoad apparently the only real issue per se with a base 68K processor is that quit keys won't work properly unless the slave is coded. The change in opcodes start with a 68010 and up.

Would it then be advisable, if one is to only use WHDLoad, to up an a500 to a 68010 for a processor? Or is the 68010's eccentricities such that even though you'd get quit keys, other things would be glitchy?

I can't find a definitive answer with my google-fu so - I go to the experts. What say ye?
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Thalion Webshrine
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Why not just press CTRL+AMIGA+AMIGA as the quit key? Reboot time is not long and I'm sure you can make it shorter if you wanted to.

Fitting a 68010 will just mean loads of floppy disk games stop working.
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AB Positive
kachou ON!
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Fair enough - just checking. Wanted to hear the pros/cons since I don't see that much 68010 talk, I figured something was up.

Cool, now I just gotta close this deal
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I have a 68010 inside and it´s nice for WHDLoad (quitting to WB). But I´ve got other A500+/A500 with 68000 inside. I don´t really know if there are many disk-games which won´t run with the 010. I just haven´t tried yet. Perhaps alexh can name some games. I only know that with 1 MB ChipRam some older games won´t run from disk. But those are surely already"wdhloadified" so it doesn´t really matter. A 010 for WHDLoad is IMHO nice but not really necessary. You can live without it. So if that´s your only A500...keep the 68000. Btw: If you solder a cpu-switch I´ll buy one
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I think if you want to play only whd games a 68010 would be fine.
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