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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
At the moment no Amiga system is usable and is in step with the times, so there is nothing to reproach at Aros 68k.
No, you're wrong there.

AROS 68k is not fit for purpose at present. Every other 68k Amiga operating system is fit for the hardware that it is being run on. 3.1 runs just fine on a vanilla A1200. 1.3 runs just fine on the A500. 2.0x runs just fine on an A600. Even the worst of the bunch, the 3.5/3.9 versions, run fine (while possibly requiring slightly beefier machines such as the A4000 or expanded 1200s).

AROS 68k can run AGA games, but as your video shows they're unplayable with immensely poor framerates. Workbench usage is similarly sluggish and unusable, even on expanded or upgraded machines.

AROS for Intel based platforms has awful issues supporting even basic graphical output at a reasonable frame rate. It's a total pig to install.

But as people are always saying "It's in development! It will get better!" but they've been saying that for 23 years now - that's far, far longer than the Amiga was commercially active.

Maybe another ten years or so?
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Dunny maybe my translation is not quite understandable, Aros 68k is not ready yet, in my video I used OS3 software and not Aros68k native software (the executables, libs, Aros68k devices are not compatible with a normal OS3). The Aros developers are few and only work when they have free time so you can not give any blame, rather you have to thank them.

On AROS X86 It is not so, despite all, few people work as mentioned, at the moment AROS 86 it is the most advanced "Amiga" (systemcan use multiple cores) you can also use it for normal activities, has a browser that allows you to surf on almost all sites (the most advanced even if now it is still), can perform multimedia files, has excellent programs and a good one game package also high quality graphics and it's all free.

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