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Microprose Soccer was really poor on Amiga
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Oh, I loved Microprose Soccer when I first encountered it.

I had no frame of reference, having never seen the C64 version - it was just bundled with a pal's A500+, and he, me + pals just got into it immediately. Playing it again recently, the game did seem kinda slow, awkward and rather quaint in a way. But it did the biz for me all those years ago.

I think I can still hear the music now.
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Originally Posted by TheFoxSoft
Microprose Soccer was really poor on Amiga

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What about this?
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Old 14 August 2006, 08:35   #45
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CastleVania had to have been one of THE most bloody God-awful ports I've seen to the Amiga. The graphics were pretty, and the arrangements sounded beautiful for some songs ("Vampire Killer" and "Wicked Child"). But many songs were in the wrong place, and the gameplay was so shoddy that I'm lucky to make it past the first level by the time I'm on my final life.

Makes me glad that Novalogic isn't around. Btw, I actually posted my comments on that port at Lemon Amiga, and rated it the lowest possible.

[edit] Forgot to mention that despite the C64's graphics and sound were slightly lower-quality than on the NES, that version had as much if not more playability than the original platform it was released on.
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Old 14 August 2006, 16:35   #46
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wanderer is going to kill me for saying this but...

... Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon is way better on the C64
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Old 15 August 2006, 02:51   #47
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No life in it. No passion. Not sure it was good to begin with though :-)
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Winter Games was better on the C64.
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Old 16 August 2006, 11:23   #49
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Yes, i think a lot of games were better left to the C64 .
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Old 16 August 2006, 13:43   #50
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Tried Thundercats on the Amiga last night. Very dissapointing. The speccy version craps all over it!
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Old 16 August 2006, 13:57   #51
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Originally Posted by AmiGer
Paradroid is better on the C64 (not the gfx and sound of course)
It has 8-way-scrolling...

I was obsessed by the 64 version and it's about the only game from the era that I still play every now and then. The Amiga version was just an insult.
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Old 05 September 2006, 15:40   #52
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easy answers: Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy 2. you just cant change these from the speccy version. even the similar-looking c64 versions managed to suck without the speccy sprite collision. (a complaint i find with a few c64 games)

i half-expected to see Stormlord and Cybernoid 1 / 2 mentioned in this thread, and was all-ready to pipe up and defend them... thankfully it would appear its not needed.
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Originally Posted by HCF
Comment != Insult...Nobody likes to have their work insulted no matter if it is a computer program or whatever else and if you don't like something, nobody forces you to pay for that...I'd have no spare minute left if I always complained about everything I don't like...
I would say that it depends on how the critique is put forward. Ubisoft, for example, did after getting quite some comments on their Wii title Red Steel, after having let people play it on E3, realise that something had to be done about the sword figthing scenes which is to be found in the game. Which, in the end, made them go back to their drawing boards trying to shapen up these particular scenes (unless this is a rumour). Point is, though; I think all critique is good, as long as it is constructive.

Games that I don't consider being completely successfull conversions (and adaptions to the new format):

The Great Giana Sisters
- Not that I find it being bad on the Amiga. I just feel that it seems to lack some of the magic that the C64 version managed to deliver (and I do miss those blue colour cycled diamonds from the C64 version).

Terry's Big Adventure
- Not that I was a big fan of the original on the C64, but the Amiga version looked almost identical to the C64 version.

Bubble Bobble
- I do like the Amiga version, I really do, but this do feel like a classic case of having played the C64 version to death and having come to love its SID-music and its particular look and overall feel. And, I do think that they should have at least made the game run in perfect 50Hz 1 pixel movement of the characters (although this is no biggie to me with this particular game, really).

Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh
- The original arkanoid was such a good port with perfect scrolling/movement of the bat in full 50Hz/1 pixel movement glory. This just feels 'older' than the original Arkanoid thanks to running in, like, 25FPS... why?

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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Bullshit. It's the real world. You put something out that asks Amigaade to pay money, and Amigaade thinks it rubbish not worth buying, and he freely states it. That's life baby.
Hell yeah!

That's what we needed now, PC for corporations. You can't say a game 'sucks', that's offensive. It's "Gameplay Impaired". Heavens forfend you'd insult "Corporate People" and their "rich and proud" cultural background.

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