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Mr B
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Micromys driver needed?

I'm assuming it is, so i downloaded, and put it on the CF, but then i decided to ask before i hosed something.

I've got a Micromys v3, the "automatic mouse / joystick switch" and a Logitech RX250. (PS/2 / USB, Optical, 800 DPI, 3 buttons & scroll wheel. And i got a box of em as leftovers.)

Also, should i simply prepare the install and leave it uninstalled for as long as i'm running on WinUAE, or will it coexist, and play nice with whatever WinUAE is doing for the mouse already?

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way down here.
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The driver is only needed for the middle mouse button and/or wheel. I don't know if the driver detects WinUAE. Other drivers of this kind (like the TopolinoIII WheelDriver) behave rather badly on WinUAE (mouse pointer jumps around like mad and buttons are clicked without user intervention).

You might want to install FreeWheel, though, because WinUAE has a mouse wheel driver on its own which works well with FreeWheel.
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Mr B
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Ah, guess i was slightly unclear. The CF is for an actual A1200 with a Micromys v3. I'm using WinUAE to prepare, setup, and test stuff. I'm drawing closer and closer to changing my signature to exclude the 20GB drive, and include a second CF. Well, actually replace the 20GB drive with a 4GB CF for system use, and have "some" CF as transport medium for the external slot.

For now i'll simply leave the driver in the "install" drawer, and when i decide that i'm done, i'll install it, on the A1200. Now, you brought a second question to surface. FreeWheel, install it or not, on a A1200, main usage WHDLoads? (The A1200 that is. It's the only one i got, so it's the one in my signature.)
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