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Tanx 'n' stuff

I had this nice shareware game, and it was just great!

It's a four players game, in a four way split screen. Each player controls a tank in a overhead view, and each player has a 'base' .. many flags are scattered trough the land, so each player has to get the flags (the tank can carry up to 3 flags at the same time), and bring it to its base. When there's no more flags in the field, the only way to get more flags is by STEALING them from the other player base. So, you had to attack other people bases, while have to defend yours. And the split screen makes it even more fun, sometimes you see player 2 rushing to players 3 base to get their flags, and you rush to player 2 base, get past the turrets and steal their flags, just to see in player 3 screen he's in YOUR base stealing YOUR flags. I guess you got the idea..

The full game had lost of different maps and vehicles, and also a map editor.

Question is, anyone ever registered this nice game? At time I was just a kid who thought "Bah, I won't that much for a game" (And it wasn't even that expensive, and I would receive other 3 games, one of them seemed to be a nice shmup) . I recently tried to contact with the author, but his e-mail isn't the same anymore.....probably the author isn't dealing with Amiga anymor.... today I would certainly register the game
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