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I don't remember the system too clearly, but I suspect it was a BBC micro of some sort... nor the year in particular, early in secondary school sometime it was... there was this program see, it was supposed to be teaching us basic economics, or maybe it was supposed to be agriculture... anyway, it was a "farming" program; You had 4 fields I think, and were supposed to grow various crop types in them, in order to make a profit. It had some sort of yield variable programmed in, and we were expected to rotate the crops in order to avoid soil nutrient depletion. However, we very quickly discovered that growing "grass" in every single field, all year around led to the most profits. Perhaps it was those EU subsidies for cutting production those farmers like to complain about getting! I like to think of it as one of the epithanies that led me to question all assumptions people hold; You see... Our teacher was wrong, although that wasn't the lesson I think they wanted to teach us!

In 1990 sometime, my school upgraded to Acorn Archimedes. When I reached the 6th Form, they'd let us stay in the computer room playing Lemmings and Virus on the machines, even during other peoples lectures, if there were computers spare, and we'd keep the "Oh No's!" down to a responabile level. There was some sort of golfing game as well, which we used to have tournaments on for the best score... until one of us discovered that hitting the ball exactly straight at full power flew the ball perfectly on to the green, where it then hit the flag, rolled down the flag pole, and into the hole for a hole in one. Every time! Sadly, I was unable to apply this lesson, or even interest, to real life golf...
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Originally Posted by RetroMan
Back in my school days I had an Amstrad CPC and nearly no games for it So I bought myself a Mag and typed in a Basic Programm called "Invader", it was a Space Invaders clone as you might have guessed allready and it was fun ..... I enjoyed self typed games out of mags those days (at least cause I got no money to spend for commercial games, and sadly all of my Classmates had a C64 but I never wanted to miss my CPC )
Oh, the joys of doing this on the old 464.

I used to type them too from Amstrad Action.

I remember one month typing in something like a 1000 line program and not being able to get it to work. I proof read it and I got my dad too to. It was a 100% copy of the mag but didn't bloody work

So I saved it to tape.

The next month whilst reading Ams Action I noticed a column stating they were sorry for last months code as they missed something like 5 lines from the DATA statements.

So I went and got the tape with great anticipation of finally finishing the program.....only to discover.....my stupid ass brother had copied some crappy game onto it

I decided not to sit and retype this damn program in again !

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