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SEUCK - Hostages

I'm looking for a game I made that I reluctantly sold with my Amiga 1200 about 10 years ago through ebay from Huddersfield.
It was made using Shoot-Em-Up-Construction-Kit and even though the likelihood of me finding it is very slim indeed I thought its worth an ask on here.
I remember spending hours on on this little project but because I struggled to get to grips with Amos at the time I spent many hours using the SEUCK and made a game that looked very different to what you normally see using that program.
Most games using SEUCK were either a ship, plane, or commando vertically moving forward shooting stuff. You'd create sprites / character map (I think that's the name for them) to a defined set of pixels in a small square that you could control around the screen as it scrolled upwards over a backdrop that you would also create. With various enemies to design and draw you soon appreciate the time and effort required to create a game, and that doesn't include for any programming as the SEUCK kit does that for you. But you are limited to a vertical scrolling shooting game.

That's where I thought my game was different. Instead of vertically scrolling over a landscape it was a vertical tower block that you would rise upward as if you were in a FPS with bad guys shooting at you through windows. The character was a cross hair that was allowed to pass over bad guys to allow you to shoot them. You could die from the bullets from the bad guys that filled the screen if they hit your cross hair. It could even be played 2 player with red and blue cross hairs!
I was a teenager at the time and blood and gore was the in thing, so bad guys would explode in blood leaving just a skeleton behind.
The last level was the roof top with 2 big bad guys with cannons for hands!
Other than that I don't remember much about it other than I stole the SFX files from another SEUCK game I think I got from a magazine. "OK Suckers" is the the only phrase I remember though.
The disk had instructions on the label to get it to boot standalone, as I couldn't get it to boot without having to type a run command in dos.
But if anyone has it I'd be interested in seeing it again

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I really hope you can find this game you made back then!
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Could be anywhere by now and if it’s on floppy there is a chance it’s now unreadable or someone binned it.
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