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Originally posted by Djay
emulators are only good if your original machine is knackered or you don't have it anymore
Yes. I had to resort to Amiga emulation while my A600 was gone, and to Commodore emulation while my 128 was broken.
the bad thing about emulation is that you can get everything every made for the machine, which makes it all become a collect-o-thon
Not bad at all, since you can transfer all this stuff to real machines
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Originally posted by CPC464
@ Chuckles that's interesting

i think it would be alot easier if this could be done, although I use multiple versions of winuae so I hope it would load into the right one LOL
I also use multiple versions of WinUAE, and have found that some specific games only run properly with older versions. It's a pain in the posterior to actually create a config file for each game of course, but being the anal retentive type, I take that a bit further by creating a shortcut to each config file as well, which is what I usually use to load a given game. The main advantage of the shortcut is simply that you can modify the shortcut to cause any particular config to load a specific version of WinUAE, instead of automatically using the default version.
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Not bad at all, since you can transfer all this stuff to real machines
i've done this myself, but i would imagine most people don't.... they are content to just run ADFs thru an emulator
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