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Is this a good replacement monitor for older systems?

Microvitec still churning out the low sync displays it seems:


What do you think?
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I'd imagine that is infeasibly expensive.

Just get a 15" 4:3 LCDTV from the supermarket for £99
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That's what I was thinking - what's the point of these displays? I guess they have some use in the industry.

It also still doesn't have the scanlines, so still looks wrong for retro systems.

Just thought it interesting they still churn these kinds of displays out - used to own a 1438 for the Amiga, with it's shoking black borders due to no horizontal stretch control. Still, it was cool at the time seeing Workbench in Productivity and playing Dune II in DBL-NTSC/PAL.
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I have a 1438. Two weeks ago I was flipping through the manual for it when I noticed that in the past their distributor in the U.S. was not too far from me. I then thought about visiting the Microvitec website; which I did.

After looking at the website, I kind of also figured that their panels would be too pricey for a poor hobbyist like me. Might be worth looking into though.

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Old 30 October 2010, 18:22   #5
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It looks like it's mainly intended for things like old medical scanners and the like. It has an LCD response rate (20-30 ms) that's so high that it's only useful for mostly static images AND it's got a really crappy contrast ratio. The only thing that it has going for it is the ability to accept TTL digital video signals of the sort that the CGA and EGA cards produced.
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@ Bloodwych, i like this monitor!
* 15" TFT metal cased
* Designed for 'low scan' signals 15-60kHz line rate
* CGA / EGA compatible on 9 pin D
* RGB with SOG and 5 x BNC inputs
* TTL, Analogue and interlaced signals accepted
im sure is compatible Amiga-Atari !

Edit: What is the price of this?
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